Will Black Adam break the $ 1 billion barrier ?!

Black Adam’s box office results could mean the DCU film will break the $ 1 billion barrier. Here’s how likely that is for The Rock movie.

Black Adam‘s cash register is compared to Aquamanwhich means DC Universe could have another $ 1 billion movie in the future. Even though the original DCEU movies often exceeded the box office earnings of previous MCU entries, box office hauls were always scrutinized. A wonderful woman and Aquaman he represented DC’s two biggest victories and was believed to be Black Adam he could also do well with a star like Dwayne Johnson at the helm. The box office of the movie has been pretty good so far, leaving more questions about how high in the rankings DC movie can climb.


Now that two weekends have passed that the movie has had strong results, is it Black Adam earning a billion dollars at the box office becomes an increasingly intriguing possibility. Speculation on Black Adam reaching that milestone at the box office comes with the film’s premiere on par with Aquamanwhich is the only DCU movie to gross a billion dollars (from Joker is separate). The Dwayne Johnson DC movie is the first since then Shazam in 2019 to earn over $ 100 million domestically. At the time of writing, it has also surpassed $ 250 million worldwide, making it the fourth way to earn $ 1 billion in just over a week.

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How likely is it that Black Adam will make a billion dollars?

Chance for Black Adam making $ 1 billion is not realistically high. Let’s take a closer look Black Adam and Aquaman When comparing the box office, Jason Momoa’s solo film surpassed $ 100 million domestically in half the speed of Dwayne Johnson’s DC debut. This is partially attributed to Aquaman opening on Christmas, so families can flock to the cinemas to enjoy the full spectacular adventure. While Black Adam there is not much competition at the box office, it lags behind. Aquaman’s solo film gained tremendous international growth, especially as it grossed nearly $ 300 million in China alone, where Black Adam it hasn’t opened yet.

There are several factors that work against Black Adama favor to earn $ 1 billion too. The film received harsh reviews from critics, even if the audience was more positive about it. Meanwhile, the long-awaited sequel to Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda forever It will hit theaters soon and will likely receive a lot of attention. The latest forecasts are awaiting Black AdamThe box office ended up in nearly $ 400 million, well below the elusive $ 1 billion for DC. It would also be the second least profitable DCU movie, excluding the COVID version in Wonder Woman 1984 and Suicide squad. The only real way Black Adam He will surpass $ 1 billion if he has amazing legs and manages to achieve above-average results in Japan and China.

What Black Adam would break the $ 1 billion barrier for DC?

Out chance that Black Adam will break the $ 1 billion barrier, it would be the undisputed massive win for DC Studios, now hosted by James Gunn and Peter Safran. The new CEOs are sure to look at the movie and main character as pillars of DC’s future that could support sequels, spinoffs and other DC movies Black Adam sets. Moreover, it would be a sign that audiences around the world are still heavily investing in what DC is doing and they are seeing what comes next, which could still be true even if Black Adam He doesn’t make $ 1 billion at the box office.

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