Why the next Superman movie should be directed by James Gunn

Man of Steel 2 was pre-placed in the preparation of DC Films and this is not the only exciting news coming out of the film studio. It has just been announced that popular director James Gunn is half the oversight force of DC Studios, dealing with movies, TV shows and animation from a creative perspective. Gunn has already worked on DC projects for Warner Bros. Discovery, but this new item presents the perfect opportunity.

The hunt for the director began Man of Steel 2but hiring James Gunn to handle the film might be the right move. He has experience with DC and Marvel real estate, not to mention other superhero movies. This experience can be combined to create a movie for Superman that is both in the spirit of the newer shots and respects the story of the classic hero.

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James Gunn is depressed with humor in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which Gunn revealed his name, has been criticized for its frequent humor. That humor really started to emerge after the success of the first Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy. Based on a relatively unknown property of Marvel at the time, the cosmic comedy placed the title losers on the map, adding lightness to what could have been a normal space opera. This sense of humor and lightness has reappeared – albeit in a more adult-oriented way – in DC Extended Universe projects Suicide squad and spinoff of a TV program, Arbitrator. They were appreciated by both fans and critics, and many considered the former to be the best DCEU film.

That sense of lightness and lightness, albeit with a touch of seriousness, is needed for the next DCEU Superman exit. Superman in the movie by Zack Snyder Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice he was criticized for how dark and gloomy the traditionally sunny figure was. While it was probably necessary at the time instead of Richard Donner’s next comeback, it’s definitely time for a slightly more traditional approach. If nothing else, Gunn’s sense of humor would be the best way to break the tension in strong scenes, creating a more enjoyable and less serious experience worthy of the friendly Man of Tomorrow.

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James Gunn can continue with some of the thematic elements of the Snyderverse

At the same time, the tone of Snyder’s films should not be completely rejected. Gunn’s DCEU movies shouldn’t entirely follow the MCU style of humor, especially as they’ve gotten so clich├ęd and controversial among fans. Instead, the jokes should be balanced with dark, serious elements that epicly represent the character of the characters and concepts. If nothing else, Zack Snyder nailed Superman’s power and immensity, and Gunn was able to do similar things with seemingly silly concepts like Starro and Polka-Dot Man. Ironically, he also produced a superhero horror film Brightburnwhich was released in 2019. This film was largely a “bad Superman” story, with the overall tone and direction strongly mimicking Zack Snyder Man of Steel.

Taking the same tone and injecting James Gunn’s humanizing humor would be the best of many worlds as it would attract MCU fans, potentially angry Snyder fans, and those who love James Gunn’s previous work. He would also have a lot of control over the movie given his new role at DC Studios. Therefore, there is probably no better direction for Warner Bros. Discovery in search of someone to steer Superman’s next adventure, setting the stage for the DCEU to reach new heights through its greatest hero. Gunn was once offered the role of a director Superman the movie, but rejected it in favor Suicide squad. After working successfully in this corner, perhaps now is the time for the director to finally visit Metropolis.


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