Why Lucasfilm is so concerned about the next Star Wars movie (report)

For now, another Star Wars movie is scheduled for a theatrical premiere in December 2025. Pre-planned traffic, Rogue Squadron, will not meet its window in 2023 and has been shelved. Given the current trend at Lucasfilm, the chances of a movie being ready in three years time seem almost impossible.

It has been clear for years that internal turmoil has blocked the filmmaking process for the company since the end of the sequel trilogy. This was confirmed last week when Lucasfilm vice president Michelle Rejwan was relegated. The producer was tasked with supervising Rogue Squadrondevelopment – alongside other new films – and was relieved of her duties after too many creative hardships.

Now, three years before the final experience on the silver screen, Star Wars fans are eager to head back to theaters for a journey to a galaxy far, far away. At best, there are still a few more years to come, and this is not a time Lucasfilm is particularly looking forward to. With so much impact on the next movie title, Lucasfilm executives are worried about the franchise’s next steps.

Lucasfilm focused on getting the next Star Wars movie

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Puck industry insider Matthew Belloni reported that Lucasfilm’s grueling development time for the next Star Wars movie is the result of “culture of fear and indecision ” among the company’s executives.

Lucasfilm’s inner mantra for new movies is “Get it right” an attitude that developed after the development and production of the sequel to the trilogy. The company internally admits that the sequels were: “Spent on meeting aggressive prime minister dates.”

The resulting trilogy was something Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy chose to play it safe, “Choosing fan service and franchise management over creative swings.” Many creative choices surprised Star Wars fans, and Kennedy herself began to dislike her decisions:

From throwing out most of the original writers Michael Arndtideas and basically alterations new Hope With The Force Awakensto panic and the director’s return JJ Abrams and a wicked emperor for Rise of Skywalker after some fans complained about Johnson’s choices destroying the mythology in The Last Jedi—Elections that Kennedy enthusiastically endorsed … until she did.

A contributing factor to Lucasfilm’s slow development process is Kennedy’s recognition of that “The next installment must really be Good.” However, it has become a juggling because the movie has to be various from D + materials “, but also a bit the same. There is an understanding that Lucasfilm has to “run the franchise away from the fan’s website ” strongly featured in the latest wave of projects.

The bottom line is that the next video is rooted what fans love Star Wars,” and the need for high quality cannot be overestimated. Kennedy wants to usher in a new Star Wars era, but Lucasfilm’s fear comes from having to be brave and surpass himself:

Disney basically has to re-enter Star Wars while Star Wars is here Also constantly on TV. It’s a very difficult task – or a very large hole she dug for herself, depending on your perspective – much harder than simply saying “yes” to those D + series.

A new take on Lucasfilm

Kathleen Kennedy makes her life more difficult than necessary. The same can be said for the rest of Lucasfilm’s management team. Any Star Wars fan will appreciate the commitment to make the next movie – but the way Lucasfilm tries to do this could spell doom for the project.

This is not the first time fans have heard that the creators of Star Wars want to “get it right”. The last time this happened in the form of the assurances of JJ Abrams, whom was cruel Rise of Skywalker says a lot about how you can get hold of it Thread law. True, the movie was in a hurry. The whole trilogy was there. And from the very beginning it was doomed.

Kennedy and Lucasfilm had a bad hand with Bob Iger’s must-have annual releases. Disney wanted an immediate return on investment, and the sequel was conceived as a way to print money. No matter what Lucasfilm came up with, people will be flocking – especially for Episode VII. And as the story worsened, the box office results worsened.

George Lucas made his Star Wars movies out of passion. Each of them considers their children. The reason why Lucas’ films appealed to so many viewers was because he had a story to tell. As long as Lucasfilm and Disney try to pump out the product, instead of presenting worthwhile stories, they will never capture the same magic that the Creator did. Rejecting his ideas will never help either.

On this front, the Disney + site is doing better. Mandalorian is a worldwide sensation that combines the fun, influence and themes of Lucas’s films. It’s on a budget but absolutely works. Andor is a sensational addition to the series and is likely to gain more viewership as more people appear on TV in the coming months.

But the movies still lack a magical twist. The sequel to the trilogy has been terribly written; Andor it outclassed these films to an embarrassing degree. Fan service was certainly an issue, and it’s a plus that Kennedy knows it – even if the Emperor always somehow returns in the canon. The new movie should not be antagonistic and deconstructive, but rather build on the vast universe that already exists.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. “Fresh” and “new” do not mean tarnishing the legacy of their beloved heroes in order to surprise. Certainly, there are great fans in the industry right now. Creators who do not have to take all their toys out of the box, but can use them sparingly when needed. Writers and directors with visions of Star Wars around the world requirements see. These are people you can talk to.

Lucasfilm is rightly worried. Star Wars fans are loyal, but they won’t tolerate mediocrity and appeal forever. The development of the film remains a catastrophe, though recent changes to the hierarchy could mark the beginning of real change. Kennedy can dig himself out of his den if he wants to trust young, creative minds who want to follow what George Lucas has done. But the time of indecision is over; Lucasfilm has to make a commitment.

Do or don’t. There are no rehearsals.


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