Why Greg Schiano thinks Michigan has “one of the best outfits in America” ​​for the offensive.

Then, 8-0 Michigan Wolverines will be heading this weekend for the third time this season. Corn and blue will travel east to Piscataway to face the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

The Scarlet Knights have a record of 4-4 this season. Rutgers started 3-0 before losing three games in a row. The Scarlet Knights have been 1-1 in their last two games, beating Indiana and excluding themselves from Minnesota.

The Wolverines are leading the series against Rutgers, 7-1. Michigan have won seven games in a row against Scarlet Knights. The last time Corn and the Blue Trip to Piscataway was in 20202, Michigan won 48-42 in a triple overtime.

Greg Schiano had his weekly press conference on Monday and had a lot to say about the upcoming game against Michigan. He was talking about the Wolverines running game that would start off as quarterback for Rutgers and much more.

About what he wants to see from his young players in the next four matches

I don’t really look at four games, I look at this one game. It’s really dangerous to start looking through anything. What I’m looking for, you know, a lot of people say trainer says so and people like more exciting things, but if it’s true then it’s not the trainer’s speech, that’s how I do it. Right now, I’m totally focused on planning the game for Michigan because that’s what we do on Mondays and totally focused on meeting my leadership advisor. These are the things that I am really focusing on because that is what is here right now. And you know, we have a saying here: the journey is the destination. The world isn’t made that way, is it. The world is such that you have to get to this place. I really believe that what we are doing today is really this place and we are doing our best and it may sound cliche, it may sound like a trainer speech but I give everyone a little advice. It’s a good way to shoot. This is how we do it. This is what we are doing now, how we can get better and these are the only things we can control. Tomorrow we will have Tuesday training and that will be the only thing we will control.

Any concerns that Rutgers has one tunnel like Michigan?

You know, I witnessed the same thing, so I understand the question. We’ve never had an incident that I know of, at least when I was here we didn’t have an incident. I think our people do a great job with who goes and when and everything is very controlled and maybe some people feel like it’s too controlled but for example you have to control it. This is how we are built now. The day will come when we will have two tunnels. I’m not worried about it. But that’s how we’re built now, so that’s how we’ll do it. But we have a plan, that’s for sure.

About the game hosted by Michigan.

Well, it’s hard. Why do they have a good running game? They have a very good offensive line. They have two really good defenders, probably more, but two who play a lot and a quarterback who can run and pass. So you gotta defend the pass, you gotta defend your run. The offensive line does a good job of blocking. They have two senior runners. So this is one of America’s better offensive costumes. Therefore, you are looking at their position in all these statistical categories that are at the top. Did we play against such people? Yes we do. We have to do a great job. We must do our best to have a chance to slow them down. Are you going to stop them? Not. Nobody stopped them. But we’ll do our best, the best we can, and see where it goes.

About why the runes game struggled with Minnesota?

(… ..) We are working very hard to find out what we can do to remedy this, and Michigan is just as adept at holding back escape. They are really good, maybe even better. They have a really strong defense, the biggest front we will play defensively. Their defenders work very well and their secondaries know where to fit in. It will be a challenge.

Who will start from Michigan on Saturday?

No, Gavin (Wimsatt) will be our starter.

The story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire


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