When will Guzzlord appear in Pokemon GO? Release date and more

The Season of Light Pokemon GO event is ongoing, with more updates coming soon. One of them is the upcoming introduction of the Ultra Beast Guzzlord to augmented reality (AR) gaming. Developer Niantic has revealed that a unique Pokemon will soon arrive in the form of raid battles.

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Guzzlord will debut on November 8, 2022 and will be available until November 23. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Guzzlord will appear as a Raid Monster in Pokemon GO next month

Guzlord raids will start and end at 10.00 on the first and last day. In the meantime, raid times will be held on November 9 and 16 at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. local time, respectively. But what exactly is a raid?

Raid Battles occur when Pokemon Boss takes over the gym. Your goal is to defeat this powerful creature along with other players. If you and the other coaches are successful, you will be rewarded with special items and a chance to catch the “Raid Boss”.

Raid Battles are also not your typical gym battle; Your opponent is harder to defeat than most normal monsters. Raids also have 4 levels of difficulty: Level One, Level Three, Level Five, and Mega Raids. The higher the difficulty level, the stronger the Raid Boss and the more players you need to be successful. Remember that the Guzzlord will appear on level five.

UPDATE: UB-05 GLUTTON Our analysis of the return of the UB-05 Glutton is complete. Watch the video for details. https://t.co/taMZysV4os

The rally hours, on the other hand, are similar but held for a short period of time. These are one-hour global events where one specific monster (or group of monsters) spawns more frequently in Raids. They usually contain new, rare, legendary or mythical pokemon as raid bosses. Sometimes they can respawn with exclusive moves.

Niantic confirmed the arrival of Ultra Beast codenamed “UB-05 Glutton” last month, in September 2022. The film featured other Ultra Beasts such as Buzzwole and Celesteel. It ends with a look at Guzzlord and number 11 – clearly pointing to the November issue that has already been confirmed.

Given that the Guzzlord is essentially a mythical monster, capturing it should be a powerful addition to your party.

Is it still worth checking out Pokemon GO?

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Given the plethora of support from developers and an active community attending the events, the answer is yes. Here is an overview of the game’s features:

  • Catch New Monsters: Use different Pokeballs to throw and catch unique creatures encountered in real time. You can also collect them by hatching eggs and exchanging with other trainers.
  • Know your surroundings: Due to its AR nature, players can step into an immersive monster catching experience as the app uses GPS tracking to track the encountered player and Pokemon.
  • Items for your adventure: Rotate the photo discs in PokeStops and gyms to get items to help you on your journey. These can be pokeballs, berries, evolution items, and more.
  • PvE and PvP: Players will have the chance to catch rare monsters in raids, but can also fight other players in online battles.

The global phenomenon is available on Android and iOS devices

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