University of Idaho Students Win $ 37,000 in Largest National Entrepreneurship Contest | Right from the source

From the University of Idaho:

MOSCOW, Idaho – Thanks to innovative cybersecurity and construction safety solutions, University of Idaho students won a total of $ 37,000 in Idaho’s biggest entrepreneurship competition, Boise Entrepreneur Week.

U of I students ranked highest in the annual competition organized by Boise State University. Winnings support the development of interdisciplinary, team-based business plans to meet unique challenges.

First place in the cybersecurity competition and winner of Life’s a Pitch, Intty Anantachote, a specialist in virtual technologies and design, earned $ 13,000 for her cybersecurity training tool. Its tool uses virtual reality to educate seniors and students about the dangers of social engineering fraud, which uses a person’s trust to obtain money or confidential information.

“As a U of I student, I am constantly encouraged to think about how to use my technological and design skills to have an impact on healthcare, education and our society,” said Anantachote. “My education at U of I has helped a lot to support my success in this entrepreneurship competition and to create a product that will fill the gap in public cybersecurity training.”

PGA Finance and Golf Senior Sam Slusser of the College of Business and Economics (CBE) also won first place, taking home $ 10,000 in the Hacking for Homebuilding competition for the StrapWell Bags, a bag he designed to hook onto straps. which are safe for any type of towing or handling.

Competitors in home building and cybersecurity challenges propose solutions to problems provided by industry leaders and present their solutions to win cash rewards. This is an opportunity for competitors to build profitable ventures and connect with mentors and industry leaders. Life’s a Pitch contestants are sponsored by U of I’s Idaho Entrepreneurs and present their own unique business ideas to judges, including the 50 Boise owners and directors.

“Almost all big startups start at the intersection of skills,” said Idaho Entrepreneur Director and U of I Senior Instructor George Tanner. “At U of I, we connect engineers, virtual designers, scientists and students with entrepreneurs and business students. This powerful combination of thinkers and performers leads to great results, such as competitive success and the real startups our students create. ”

U of I teams also placed in the following categories:

Cyber ​​Security:

Ian King, David Trail, Nathan Higley, and Sophia Grace Sivula came in second, earning $ 4,000 for NADIS, a cyber security firm that helps companies verify users with access privileges.

Trail and Higley are seniors in the College of Engineering Cybersecurity Program, Idaho’s first undergraduate program and one of the few in the region. King and Sivula are computer science seniors who also study at the College of Engineering.

Building a house:

Susie Johnson, Leonard Johnson and Shane Elmose, the Heat2Go! Portable heater for winter construction sites, came in second for the team and $ 7,000. Susie Johnson and Leonard Johnson are studying Entrepreneurship at CBE. Elmose is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at the College of Engineering.

Deanna Kienbaum, McKenna Jacobs and Anantachote finished third, earning $ 3,000 for the Gamified Customer Care training simulation. First Person Virtual Reality Tool helps new customer service hires develop emotional intelligence and career skills. Kienbaum and Jacobs are seniors in the Human Resources Department at CBE.


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