Top 10 Silent Era Movies According to Reddit

Weeks before its release, Babylon is touted as an Oscar contender and the performances of Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt are commended in praise. A tribute to the Hollywood Age of Silence, the film captures both the brilliance and the depravity of industry in the early 1900s.

Releasing a movie like this is a great way to introduce modern fans to the era that laid the foundations. Viewers can also recall Silent Erie by watching some of the greatest releases of the time. For those Redditors looking back to the era, some silent movies shine.


Dr. Cagilari’s office (1920)

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The horror film tells the story of a hypnotist who wakes a sleepy man by using him for killings. Jskidmore1217 says they “have never seen anything like it, not even in the modern era.”

Aside from the silence that often goes hand in hand with fear, a few other things it makes Dr. Cagilari’s office one of the greatest horror movies of all time. The jigsaw puzzles create an amazing and surreal feeling all the time. In addition, director Robert Weine makes good use of shadows and some even appear in front of the character as an anticipation of what is about to happen. The mandatory twist at the end is also done much better than the other offerings of the genre.

Metropolis (1927)

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The pioneering science-fiction film presents a future of the 21st century, where wealthy citizens live above the ground and the impoverished ones below. Fireflyfanboy1891 writes, “It’s a piece of a movie, and it’s amazing how much it holds up today.”

Lots of class struggle videos have been made, but not many add up, Metropolis, a visually satisfying film that uses the camera’s unique viewing angles to bring out the joy and sadness of those who find themselves on opposite sides of segregation. And as Redditor puts it, most of the capitalist shots that are analyzed in the film still hold up to this day.

Wings (1927)

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Two friends join the military and become fighter pilots, but soon realize that they have underestimated how hard the job is. Redditor aidan0b says “the air combat scenes are impressive even by today’s standards.”

As the first ever movie to win “Best Picture” at an Oscar, there is hardly any debate about brilliance Wings. Most fighter movies handle this somewhat, but what remains unique? Wings is a twist in the Battle of Saint-Mihiel, in which one friend is shot down and steals a German jet only to be shot by the other in case of the wrong identity.

General (1926)

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Inspired by the real “Great Locomotive Pursuit” that took place during the Civil War, General follows a railroad engineer chasing soldiers who took the love of his life and commandeered his favorite train. About this Redditor jimmy-fallon1 writes: “Buster Keaton’s General… A beautiful movie.

Many action film directors are guilty of shortening sequences, which viewers are dissatisfied with. Well, that’s not the case with Project Buster Keaton, where the audience is constantly fed on stunts and confrontations. At the heart of it all is a touching romantic story.

Robin Hood (1922)

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The story of an English bandit who robs the rich and gives to the poor is well known, and the Douglas Fairbanks film was the first to tell it on the big screen. NathanSizemore · 8 thinks he has “great action and good narrative”.

Fairbanks ranks high among Robin Hood’s films as it recreates many of the thug events rather than recreating scenes familiar to the public. His brilliance also comes from acquaintance. Fairbanks and director Allan Dwan have not only collaborated several times before, but have also carried out similar cheeky projects such as The sign of Zorro and Three Musketeers. In this way, everything seems effortless.

Napoleon (1927)

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A young army lieutenant goes from fighting during the French Revolution to one of the most legendary rulers of all time. The film jedendayfourhours says it is “completely brilliant and ambitious, but still focused.”

Napoleon he is still in high esteem because he changed the rules of the game in the cinema. For one, it involved smooth camera movement at a time where most directors relied on static shots. The use of overlays, close-ups, and split screens also became much more common after the movie’s premiere. The only bad thing about it? It takes 5 hours. Still, it’s understandable at a time when making a miniseries wasn’t an option.

Intolerance (1916)

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The film tells four different stories: King Belshazzar’s war against Cyrus Pers, Jesus Christ’s last moments in Judea, the St. Bartholomew in France; and the life of the American working-class man. Harron). Chen-Geller calls it “one of the most stunning, pioneering, innovative films of all time.”

Anyone reading the synopsis may get the impression that the movie puts too much on its head, but even if it does, every event matters. All four stories finally come together to form a climax that uses one of the best editing techniques ever seen in the cinema. There are also thousands of extras that give the movie the feel of a big event.

Nosferatu (1922)

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The user thinks, “This is amazing Nosferatu he’s 100 years old and still essential and fun too. ” Unofficial adaptation of a book of fiction from 1897. Dracula Bram Stroker changes the name of Count Dracula to Count Orlok.

The version of Dracula presented here is more focused on his real estate agent’s wife than on wreaking havoc, hence some people conclude that the movie is not scary, but the story is rich. A lot of effort is also put into the set and costume design, making it an overall satisfying movie.

Joan of Arc’s Passion (1928)

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Redditor waywithwords writes, “What a phenomenal performance.” Carl Theodor Dreyer’s project involves the persecution and execution of the French Saint Joan of Arc.

It was fun to use multiple close-ups and film in one place with this movie. And there is not a single happy moment. Melancholy runs through the event, causing the public’s anger at how underappreciated such a good man was.

City Lights (1931)

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A caring man who tries to raise money for a blind girl with flowers for an eye surgery meets a drunk millionaire who can provide him with the funds he needs. GoldenAgeSubscriber considers it the best Silent Era movie “from a great distance”.

The list of Silent Era movies would be incomplete without a Charlie Chaplin movie, and although the actor has many masterpieces, City lights it is more touching. Combining clownish manners with humanistic care is no easy feat, but Chaplin does it with ease in a film he also directed and edited.

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