Top 10 Robot Horror Movies According to Reddit

Horror fans are excited to see the creepy Blumhouse doll movie M3GANwhich will be released in January 2023. Gemma creates an android toy that she hopes will be a good friend to single kids. From the recently released trailer, it is clear that this is turning into a total disaster.

Robots are a fascinating topic in the horror genre. Whether it’s a failed experiment or a friendly object that turns into a killing machine, robots are unique villains that are sometimes more fun to watch than traditional slashers. Redditors have recommended a few favorite movies where technology turns scary.


Demon’s Seed (1977)

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Based on a book by Dean Koontz, Demon Seed contains a robot named Proteus that can help people with leukemia. Redditor SteelBelle wrote that the video makes “my Alexa smart plugs a bit scary.” A fan described the story as “Alan’s obsession with technology,” complicating his marriage to Susan Harris. What’s happening to Susan is absolutely terrifying.

The title describes the robot’s desire to get Susan pregnant, and the movie is Susan’s fight with Proteus as Susan desperately tries to escape and regain control of her life. Demon Seed is a great 1970s horror movie that raises questions as to whether technology could be human-like.

Virus (1999)

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Virus is an adaptation of the novel by Chuck Pfarrer and tells the story of a crew on a tug boat whom the captain wants them to join the larger ship they have just discovered. Nadia Vinogradiya, the only woman on the ship, is acting weird, and Kit Foster’s crew member knows it’s a terrible idea.

Redditor NineAndNinetyHours was suggested Virus and wrote, “It’s NOT a good movie, but it’s full of GREAT hands-on effects and it’s fun to get everyone out.” The ship has cyborgs that are fun to watch and the video shows how chaotic it can be when people interact with something they don’t understand.

Killing Friend (1986)

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Recommended Redditor nomoremamutes A deadly friend and wrote that the main character is “Not only a robot, but she was restored by microchipping a robot into the brain.” Samantha Pringle, the beautiful and popular girl Paul Conway loves, dies and Paul turns her into a robot to keep her alive.

A deadly friend proves that the best-laid plans don’t work because Samantha gets angry and Paul has no idea what she’s done. While the 1980s are hailed as a great decade for slasher movies, this Wes Craven-directed movie deserves to be called one of the funniest teen movies of its time. Before Samantha becomes a robot, she and Paul are characters to relate to and the chaotic storyline is fun.

Former Machine (2015)

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There was a machine is one of Alicia Vikander’s best movies where she plays stunning as a robot named Ava. One Redditor said about the movie: “A really interesting approach to robots in the future, and it really is quite scary when you think about it in the spirit of true automation / robots that are not recognizable among humans.”

Caleb Smith is tasked with spending time with Ava and finding out if she really is as realistic and close to humans as her inventor dreamed of. The movie takes a different path as there is a romance, an action, and an ending that suggests Caleb didn’t know Ava as well as he thought he did.

Death Machine (1994)

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In Death machine, a corporation called Chaank Armaments made weapons from robotic technology, but when something goes wrong with the robot and kills people, damage control is fine. Redditor PhibbyRizo said about the movie: “I came here to tell Death machine. It’s not a great movie, but it’s fun. “

This invention, Hard Man, has its own mind and … Death machine asks important questions about the role of corporations and business in society. It’s sad when people defend Hard Man and want him to be successful at all costs, even knowing the terrible tragedies that resulted from it.

Screaming (1996)

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Screamers is an adaptation of the short story “Second Variety” by Phillip K. Dick, and the action of the science-fiction film takes place on Sirius 6B in 2078. Redditor Either-Shake4388 said:Screamers was an amazing movie. It’s a pity they’ve never tried to make a franchise out of it. ” Where is the sequel named Screamers: hunting from 2009 doesn’t feel as kitschy and funny as the original.

When the heroes try to win a war that has been fought for a long time, they find Autonomous Mobile Swords, also known as Screamers, which are deadly androids. The look of the robots in this video is especially impressive because they really do look like something to be scared of.

Mall (1986)

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Redditor sigersen posted in a thread about robot-centric horror films and said: “My favorite will always be Cutting Center. It’s great fun. ” The neighborhood is a fun shopping mall called Park Plaza Mall with an impressive computer system. Things take a turn for the worse when lightning releases three robots inside the building system.

Cutting Center it’s definitely a horror movie that is reminiscent of the 1980s thanks to the love the characters have for the mall, fashion and hair. It’s fascinating to watch a slasher having robots instead of a killer in a costume and mask, and the characters have a fun fight. This is a unique take on robots as they are supposed to protect everyone in the mall, but the security system is actually bad.

Update (2018)

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Redditor Dao_Jarlen suggested “Update“as a robot horror movie. The main character, Gray Trace, has a tragic car accident and experiences terrible moments after his personal loss. He is given a STEM chip, thanks to which he is no longer paralyzed.

As always with a decision that is exciting and helpful in a scary movie, the chip is more ominous than Gray realizes and completely takes over his life. Watching Gray try to regain control of himself and find out what is going on is fascinating as the movie asks how much people can rely on technology and if there are any dangers there.

I am a mother (2019)

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HermineLovesMilo recommends “I am a mother”Which is one of the best original horror movies on Netflix. A robot named Mother lives in the bunker after the end of the world and looks after a human girl he calls Daughter. One day the daughter comes into contact with someone outside who changes everything.

It is a disturbing and disturbing situation, and the Daughter becomes something like the last girl with the ambition to find out the truth and see if it is possible to say goodbye to this strange and intense existence and live in the real world. The daughter realizes that the Mother thinks she is helping because she wants to build a new world with better people, but as is often the case, it is indeed sinister.

Halloween III: Season of the Witches (1982)

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While it is often referred to as one of the least popular entries in the series, Redditor Kaijurodeo said:Halloween IIIis a story about robots. This movie is very different from the rest as it is not about the long-term struggle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

Conal Cochran is responsible for Silver Shamrock Novelties, a factory that produces Halloween masks, and also produces androids. These masks become extremely dangerous because they murder the people who wear them. It’s a departure, but science fiction fans can appreciate just how weird and unique this story is.

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