Top 10 Movies That Have No Story Armor at All, according to Reddit

Missile train is the newest John Wickinspired by an action movie and in anticipation of its home premiere, Screen Rant has unveiled an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. In the clip, the actors expressed their reactions to the film and found it as exciting as the audience. However, one of the film’s few problems is how many characters are covered in story armor.

Many of them experience what should be a lethal attack, such as being bitten by poisonous snakes and sticking to the side of trains 200mph. However, most of the blockbuster movies do feature some plot armor, and it’s almost impossible to avoid it, but these movies have managed to get around this method.


The Dead (2006)

Like most of the movies directed by Martin Scorsese, Dead it’s one big bloodbath gangster movie, but even movies like Goodfellas and Taxi driver he had story armor. However, Successful_Gate84 notes that none of the characters in the 2006 film, good or bad, will even survive non-fatal gunshot wounds.

Redditor notes: “Without going into spoiler territory, when you watch a movie, you can just feel that no character has story armor and you are really concerned for the lives of the main characters.” William Monahan’s script is ruthless and ruthless about who gets taken, leaving only one or two survivors who viewers really care about, but that’s exactly why Dead is the best gangster movie of the 2000s.

Burn After Reading (2008)

Burn after reading it’s a fairly light detective story, but even in these types of movies, no one is safe when written and directed by the famous Coen brothers. HopefulBanana89 notes that there is no fictional armor in this comedy, amusingly stating, “Maybe I just thought you weren’t allowed to kill Brad Pitt.” Redditor refers to the brutal death of in Burn after readingin which gym trainer Chad (Pitt) is accidentally shot in the face.

The Coen brothers had a very disarmed storyline in 2007 and 2008. Along with Burn after reading, they also directed the award-winning crime thriller This is not a country for old people. The movie doesn’t have any story armor and goes a step further, allowing the killer to escape and never be caught. And it’s an incredibly realistic ending, drawing attention to the fact that not every criminal sees the hammer of justice.

The Descent (2005)

GuineaPigWithArmour points to an absolute celebration of blood Descent as having no story armor. Even though most horror movies feature at least one survivor, this is not the case Descentthat follows a group of cave divers who get trapped and taken one by one by the monsters. However, Redditor adds: “There are actually two endings, US and UK versions. The British version is the one you should be looking for. “

Whether the 2005 horror movie has story armor depends on which version the viewers are watching. The British version has an unfortunate ending as none of the cavers will escape the cave. But in the American version it is more optimistic and Sarah saw the light of day again, even if all her friends were brutally killed.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

The man thinks nowhere Deep blue sea, a movie about genetically modified sharks, has no story armor. The movie was brave enough to kill its biggest star mid-movie, and it’s as shocking and accidental death as Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson) casually stands by the open water as a shark jumps out and pulls it into the water. water.

What makes the sequence even better is the fact that it happens when Franklin is in the middle of a motivational speech. While the movie may not be great overall, it is one of the most memorable scenes of the late 90’s. And if Samuel L. Jackson is not safe, nobody is.

Suicide Squad (2021)

Miracle Joe believes Suicide squad should be commemorated for the lack of story armor. It’s an interesting choice that mostly makes sense as it offers a brilliant bait twist and changes within the first 10 minutes. A whole group of antiheroes, whom viewers think will be the main character of the film, die one by one in battle.

However, Team B is seemingly invincible, and the story armor protects Peacemaker, Bloodsport, Harley Quinn and basically any character that is not a Polka-Dot Man. And while the original 2016 movie isn’t the most critically acclaimed movie in the world, it certainly had a high stakes and far more story armor than its sequel.

Sicario (2015)

Sicario it’s packed with director Denis Villeneuve’s most cinematic moments and also has the best-written characters and action than any other movie of his. As PaMesa notes, unlike movies like Blade Runner 2049 and Dune, Sicario it is not based on plot armor, with one exception being the scene involving Kate.

But ironically the sequel Sicario: Soldado Dayhas tons of storyline armor. In the sequel, Alejandro returns to life in the middle of the desert after being literally shot in the head. Soldado day he had a lot of problems, and especially at this point, most of the critics and the audience have drawn the line.

Killers of Women (2004)

Gustavocabras refers to another movie directed by the Coen brothers with no feature armor from 2004 Lady Killers. The film tells the story of a group of scammers who try to murder an elderly woman to gain an inheritance in the millions but die inadvertently. But ironically one could argue that their sign is protected by tons of conspiracy armor.

Nevertheless, the way each character is killed is hilariously inventive, and it’s one of the Coen brothers’ most underrated movies. However, they should not be given all the credit, as the film is a remake of the British film of the same name from 1955 and is also much more appreciated by critics.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

If any movie series could be criticized for having too much fictional armor, then this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as every hero has experienced so many potentially deadly events, and many have even come back to life. AND Avengers: Infinity War it’s no different, but TooChames is specific to one character in the movie, Loki.

Redditor comments: “I know seasoned vets probably knew better, but when Loki ate it in Infinity WarI didn’t know who was safe. ” While Loki is one of the best examples of an MCU character constantly returning and refusing to remain dead, he was killed as if he were just a mere mortal in the first 10 minutes of the 2018 film, giving viewers an idea of ​​how big a threat Thanos really was.

The Thing (1982)

Callmemmacready thoughts Item this is the best example of a movie where the characters remain completely helpless. It’s easy to point out that horror has no fictional armor as most movies in the genre follow the same formula where groups of people die one by one. But with an all-star cast, even their great performances won’t save them from death.

Remake 2011 likewise has no story armor, but that’s not just because it’s a remake. 2011 Item is secretly a prequel because it ends where the first movie begins, meaning a huge number of people died in two different movies in such a short time.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Fans can name almost any movie directed by Quentin Tarantino as a movie without story armor, as any character can be killed at any time if the narrative requires it. However, this user is thinking Inglourious bastards is the best example. So many of the main characters are killed in the 2009 war movie, including several of the title Nazi killers and even Shosanna, who took revenge for the death of her family. However, Brad Pitt survived without being scratched.

But because the Tarantino movies are so full of murder and lacking feature armor, that’s why Once Upon a Time in Hollywood it was such a refreshing change of pace for the filmmaker. In this case, characters protected by story armor were really welcome.

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