This is what an Iowa Christmas movie will look like

Halloween is over and it’s officially November. As you get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can expect tons of Hallmark holiday movies. Whether you find them on basic cable or on any of your favorite streaming services, brace yourself because, like winter on Game of Thrones, they are coming.

Have you ever noticed that every Hallmark Christmas movie is almost the same? Maybe that’s why they are so loved. They are safe, we can feel comfortable watching them, we know that a happy end is approaching, and we can transfer our well-being to holidays. Did you also notice that the main couple in these movies get together the same way? You must give them credit for adhering to the format at least …

If Hallmark were made in 2022 and the main setting was Iowa, what do you think it would have played out? Would the star couple meet in Des Moines, the largest city and capital of the state? Would they be in a slightly smaller place, but with a killer high street like Cedar Falls? Are you thinking of an even smaller city like Amana? Personally, I think the Aman Colonies would be a pretty sweet spot for a Hallmark movie.

The good news is there is a comedian and Tik-Tok star who put together a short story about what a Hallmark Iowa movie would likely look like. Trey Kennedy shared this video with 3.6 million followers yesterday. He’s kicking it out of the park. I wouldn’t be surprised to soon see big film crews and movie stars knocking on Iowa’s door to make a film like this.

* Sarcasm Warning *

If you like Hallmark movies, you can immediately imagine a big city writer having to embark on an adventure to come up with a new story that will help save her business. He moves to the city of Amana to find a new perspective on life and find a story to sell. He bumps into a country boy from an Iowa farm, who obviously looks like he works on a farm every day, but also has the cleanest hands and clothes you’ve ever seen.

The main couple begins to fall in love with each other and spends the next 20 minutes of the film in a romantic whirl. Then, of course, something bad happens. They both have a secret that they have not shared with each other. The farm boy is secretly married, and the metropolitan writer has not told him that he must return to New York after Christmas. They yell at each other, say things they don’t mean, and avoid each other for the next 20 minutes of the movie. The rest of the characters explain how crazy they are for not talking and let each of them know that they are meant for each other.

The film ends with each of them meeting at the city’s Christmas festival. Our main characters are forced to solve a serious problem together. GASP! Our festival has run out of wrapping paper, how are we going to wrap all the Christmas gifts? Being together and with a little help from the holiday spirit, they cannot avoid their feelings. They fall in love again, fireworks explode, lots of Christmas lights and live happily ever after. Roll Credits.

I’d say Trey Kennedy got that, right?

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