There are ongoing MDOT projects in Western Mississippi

Below is the Mississippi Department of Transportation press release:

Central Transportation District commissioner Willie Simmons announced updates to several Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) maintenance projects in western Mississippi.

“These projects are a major investment in our infrastructure system that will ultimately make our state a better place to live and work,” said Simmons. “We look forward to seeing these projects progress to significantly improve safety and efficiency across Western Mississippi.”

Work is underway on the Greenville bypass project

Earlier this year, construction began on approximately nine miles of a four-lane highway known as US Highway 82 Greenville Bypass from State Route 1 to Leland. Crews completed six box culverts, and two other box culverts are under construction.

Other work in progress includes the pouring of the Kuhn Road Bridge’s diaphragm walls and headwalls, the driving of Old US Highway 61 bridge piles, the pouring of the Black Bayou Bridge columns, mixing the substrate and substrate material at the north end of the project, and towing rent material at the north end of the project. The Landfill Road junction and the Old US Highway 61 bypass are open to traffic.

A massive $ 137 million contract was awarded to Eutaw Construction of Madison. The works are to be completed in the fall of 2025.

Interstate 20 Frontage Road in Vicksburg is being completed

Work is underway to extend the southern frontage of Interstate 20 to Highway 80 in County Warren. The project involves the repair of bridges over five bridges within the city limits of Vicksburg.

A new frontage of the I-20 road bridge is put into operation. The crews continue work on the railing of the I-20 bridge. The project extends the existing southern frontage from Old Highway 27 to US 80.

The $ 17.3 million contract was awarded to TL Wallace Construction, Inc. from Colombia. The project remains on track to be completed by spring 2023.

Mill and overlay for Interstate 55 in County Holmes

Construction on a mill and overlay recently commenced on 22 miles of Interstate 55 from half a mile north of National Highway 17 to the Carroll County Line. In addition to the mill and overlay, trees will be removed within 50 feet of the lane. Crews began cleaning and repairing damaged areas on the ramps throughout the project.

The $ 39 million project was awarded to APAC-Mississippi of Jackson. It is estimated that the works will be completed by spring 2024.

Beginning of road signal improvement in Bolivar and Sunflower counties

A project has recently started to improve traffic signals along US Highway 61 and US Highway 82 in Bolivar and Sunflower counties. The $ 433,000 contract was awarded to Lewis Electric of Flowood. The works are scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2023.

Interstate 55 continues in Copiah County

An 11-mile mill and overlay for Interstate 55 from the Lincoln County Line to Hazlehurst is under construction in Copiah. Crews completed the interstate clearing and began paving the main line.

The $ 16.1 million contract was awarded to WE Blain & Sons of Mount Olive. The construction is expected to be completed in spring 2023.

Improvements at US junction 61 continue in Jefferson County

In Jefferson County, a project is underway that provides improvements to the intersection of US 61 and 533 state road. Crews are currently building the turn lanes on US 61.

The $ 2.7 million project was awarded to the G. Rayborn Contract of Natchez. The project is expected to be completed this winter.

Lottery-funded projects continue throughout the district

The recent lottery-sponsored implementation of State Highway 548 has begun in County Claiborne, from Hermanville state retention to Copiah County Line. Crews begin work on the main surfaces in the project. The $ 2.8 million project was awarded to Jackson-based Dickerson & Bowen and is expected to end in spring 2023.

In Copiah County, a lottery-funded mill and overlay on 14 miles US Highway 51 from the Lincoln County line south of State Route 28, half a mile of State Route 850 from US 51 to the end of State Maintenance, and just over half a mile of State Route 848 from US 51 by the end, conservation of the state had recently begun. The nearly $ 5 million project was awarded to Dickerson & Bowen of Jackson.

Humphreys County is building a lottery mill and a two-mile overlay on US 49W Highway on a five-lane stretch south of Belzoni north of the 12W state road. All paving is complete and crews are working on a permanent lane. The $ 3.2 million project has been awarded to APAC-Mississippi and is expected to be completed by the winter of 2022.

In Issaquena County, there is a lottery mill and eight miles of National Highway 16 overhead from the start of maintenance at Grace to the end of maintenance at Rolling Fork. Major paving operations are complete and crews are currently laying gravel shoulder. The $ 4.3 million project has been awarded to APAC-Mississippi and is slated to end this winter.

In Sharkey County, a lottery-funded project has recently been completed that requires an imposition of 20 US 61 miles from the Issaquena County Line to Rolling Fork. A contract worth $ 6.1 million was awarded to APAC-Mississippi.

In Sunflower County, the state lottery and $ 250,000 in special legislative funds overlapped the 8 miles of State Route 3 from US 49W to US 82 in Moorhead. The $ 2.8 million project has been awarded to APAC-Mississippi and is scheduled to be completed this fall.

Improvements to junctions throughout the circle

A project is about to begin to provide improvements to junctions across District 3. Work will update and add signs, lanes, raised sidewalk markers, blinker assemblies and lights at various intersections throughout the district.

The project worth nearly $ 3 million was awarded to Atwood Fence from Kościuszko. Completion of works is scheduled for the summer of 2023.

State Route 3 slide repair completed in Yazoo County

A slide repair project on State Route 3, approximately three miles north of Satartia, Yazoo County, has been completed. The $ 986,250 contract was awarded to Key, LLC of Madison.

“I want to express my appreciation to MDOT staff, contractors, and their workers for maintaining Mississippi traffic through their dedicated work on our state roads and bridges,” said Simmons. “Drivers are reminded to slow down and be alert to road workers working on these projects as quickly and safely as possible. Finally, as Commissioner, I want to thank the taxpayers for allowing us to use your tax money to work for you. ”

The work zones present new traffic patterns and configurations that may be unfamiliar to drivers. For information on how to safely navigate in road work zones, visit


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