The college football contender list hits the lucky number 13


Holy triskaidekaphobia. The hugely obnoxious season of college football is approaching a regular bat in November with a bad look at 13. Four-team play-off candidates have just been downgraded in September and October to, yes, sure, 13. The only way contenders will surpass 13. that’s if the hustle and bustle escalates and lets in a team that lost two losses, which was not the case in the playoff era and would only suggest one word.

There are actually 13 of them, and here are some intra-13 dates. Tennessee (8-0) will play Georgia (8-0) in the all-13 colossus on November 5, when we thought we could stop spending our time thinking about any Tennessee vs. Georgia. (The last five meetings were held in Georgia in 207-64). Alabama (7-1) will play Mississippi (7-1) on case 13/13 November 12 as little old Mississippi just dispatched a rich, fisted drunk Texas A&M recruiter (3-5) to a fourth consecutive defeat. (“Three hundred and ninety yards against a five-star group is pretty good” followed the shady criticism of the Mississippi Coach Lane Kiffinto the SEC network).

Ohio State Remains on Playoff Track (University Winners and Losers)

Shit, if on November 19 it is not prudent to pay attention to southern California (7-1) at UCLA (7-1) for reasons beyond the envy of the Rose Bowl, when recent years have seemed to tame this rivalry, only one big metropolis is interested. (If so.) And then on November 26, of course, there will be that old Midwestern noise like Michigan (8-0), terrifyingly muscular, Ohio State player (8-0), terrifyingly fast. (And that’s only the end of the defense.)

If you want to tackle technical issues in 13 years, also look at this: November 19, Illinois (7-1), Michigan. Illinois – one of the 13 contenders, yes – would be the only US team to award their opponents single-digit points (8.9). Opponents have yet to bring Blake Corum from Michigan, who has already reached 1078 yards on the run.

Further cases under 13 could come about in conference championship matches if Clemson (8-0) were to play for North Carolina (7-1) or Oregon (7-1) were to play for Southern California or UCLA. On top of all this, however, 13 pride themselves on their favorite sports who may be missing out on their loved ones.

Now there’s baby in Knoxville, Tennessee. Now there’s a baby in Fort Worth (TCU).

In Tennessee (8-0) late Saturday night, a reporter asked a defensive defender aptly named Doneiko Slaughter if he was surprised that the Volunteers could only soar two seasons 3-7 that helped chase out former coach Jeremy Pruitt.

“Yes,” replied Slaughter. “Yes I am.”

Everyone laughed, including Slaughter’s left quarterback Hendon Hooker, who miraculously miracles with 24 passes on a touchdown, just one interception, and a description of Tennessee as the postman he delivered daily, which showed the young man’s knowledge of history.

Tennessee overcame a purported Florida hurdle and traveled to Pitt overtime in September and a perpetual roadblock in Alabama in October, but what it did on Saturday night might have baffled all of them.

Think of it this way: Mark Stoops, a great soccer coach, even if his older brothers weren’t also soccer coaches, spent 10 seasons in Kentucky shaping Kentucky into a very lovable, deeply realized, deeply resilient, highly rated team. one that throttled Tennessee 34-7 in Knoxville in 2020.

However, on the way back, I just saw a 44-6 throttle in the other direction, in the traditionally normal direction. It was going to be a difficult game. It was supposed to be a game of traps, ahead of Georgia. It became a wow game, a show of newfound strength.

Players refer to “Coach Heup” you say “hype”, which refers to Josh Heupel who arrived on January two ago, just like the other (players) were trying to get out of there.

“As soon as he walked in,” Slaughter said, “I just felt that the whole room, the mood in the whole room had changed.”

“When Coach Heup arrived here it surprised me,” said the unstoppable Jalin Hyatt receiver before saying, “And I think we are so close, just as a team because I feel like many people here have stories of adversity, and that only brings you closer.” us to each other … “

“I like this soccer team,” said Heupel, who has only been a coach four other seasons before, “because they have good training habits, you could say they care for each other and will play hard for each other. other.”

Now they are taking their strength and 45 Hyatt catches from the 14 Vol-record touchdowns to Georgia. This is where the defending champion plays between the hedges next to an air-conditioned bulldog kennel, and is the defending champion who has just dedicated his 42-20 time in Florida to his eternal trainer Vince Dooley, who died on Friday aged 90 and who received lovely tributes from much younger men like the one from offensive liner Sedrick Van Pran: “We would at least like to say that we send our condolences that we played from our hearts for what he did for this show and just wanted to show that we appreciate everything he did.”

Baby in Fort Worth keeps plugging in, even when plugging gets knotty. TCU (8-0) didn’t have to spend its difficult trip to West Virginia on the 30-16 rallies in the fourth quarter, as was the case with Oklahoma State, or the 28-10 rallies, as was the case with Kansas State, but it did have to to endure a few mistakes and match 38-28 with an energetic host.

First-year coach Sonny Dykes profusely admitted that the host was while as well storytelling to journalists in Morgantown“I think part of running like you are right now is that you have to win a few games that you probably play the best at.”

One reporter noted that Bud Clark’s safety on the dais seemed perhaps grim, perhaps over 430 yards in West Virginia.

“Oh yeah, I’m happy now,” Clark said with an engaging smile. “I’m just a little serious about (doing) the interview.”

After all, he belongs to the 13th team with six undefeated teams (Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Michigan, Clemson, TCU) and seven losing teams (Alabama, Mississippi, Oregon, Southern California, UCLA, Illinois). , North Carolina), but don’t depict teams that lost one loss to Group Five, a tier just below the Power Five, because life is rude and college football life is even more rude.

So in the naughty wilderness, thirteen turned thirteen with some drop off on Saturday. Then-No. fell from the list. 9 Oklahoma State (6-2), as the often rival and often overlooked Cowboys lost 48-0 in 22nd place at Kansas State, in one of those sporadic college football scores that seem to decompose all five senses, in this case, because no team in the top ten has lost so much to a lower tier team in all 153 years of this antics. Then-No. fell from the list. 10 Wake Forest (6-2) and if you don’t believe that the admirable deacons made an impossible six losses in the third quarter and eight in the second half, just read play-by-play over and over again to be sure.

Syracuse (6-2), taken at home by some small and forgotten Catholic school in northern Indiana, dropped out of the list. And Penn State (6-2) departed who welcomed Ohio as normal, led Ohio in the fourth quarter as semi-normal, and lost to Ohio as normal when one Greater Seattle JT Tuimoloau listed these dreamy numbers as the latest miracle defensive Buckeye: six tackles, two sacks, two interceptionsone forced rummage, one comb exiting, one clinching pick six.

Then the sympathetic Tuimoloau met with reporters at State College, Pennsylvania and described himself after the sixth selection and how you could feel about so many tumultuous moments this season that dropped to 13.

“I just passed out,” he said.


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