The coalition to defend the Black Voters refers to the political activity of the Michigan corporations

On October 17, Ann Arbor City Council voted 10-1 to pass a resolution instructing the City Administrator to investigate how the city could take into account the political views and actions of potential suppliers during its purchasing processes. The resolution followed the advocacy efforts of Defend Black Voters Coalition, a Detroit-based coalition for social justice that includes Detroit Action, MOSES Action, Michigan People’s Campaign, Mothering Justice Action Fund, Emergent Justice and Color of Change.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, Ponsella Hardaway, executive director of MOSES Action and co-chair of Defend Black Voters Coalition, said the group found that major Michigan health insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), had provided campaign to finance voter suppression initiatives that hampered community efforts to increase voter turnout among minority groups.

“In 2020, we worked together with a very successful attendance and community engagement despite the pandemic,” said Hardaway. “We have developed many tools and contacted people so that they can take advantage of the law that was just passed in 2018 and cast votes that were absent long before election day. … There are also articles that have appeared publicly along with the voter suppression laws. … We need to do our research in this area. There is a certain group of lawmakers who support these laws and petitions, and you keep track of the money that finances these lawmakers. This is how we develop a strategy. “


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