The 19 Best Christmas Movies to Stream This Holiday Season, From Lindsay Lohan to A Christmas Story

Can you feel it? A crisp breeze in the air? Do you smell the pungent smell of pine cones and evergreen trees? It’s (almost) festive season so hoop-de-do! In our opinion, it’s never too early to start watching Christmas movies and thrilling specials – there are too many classics and new holiday movies to survive in December alone. Our suggestion: Get started in November. Now. Start cracking.

If you thought that there were no new classics in the Christmas movie canon this year, then you are wrong. There are so many on the way!

Carol will be rebooted approximately 87 times this year, making it a reality Pinocchio season this year – both seem to be rebooted over and over again in the Year of Our Lord 2022. Psychologist, there are only three: Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds face the classic on Apple TV + Thrilling; Netflix will release an animated version; and scary hilarious (or hilarious scary?) Festive Karen will add splendor to our screens with the blessed refrain “Can I talk to your manager?”

Here comes all the confusion (no pun intended) of other restarts, like a new take on Tim Allen St. Clause (or now, Clauses), as well as the latest information about little Ralph et al Festive Christmas tale. This year we will see Dolly Parton save Christmas again. Oh, and don’t forget: Lindsay Lohan’s wonderful big comeback will be airing on Netflix this holiday season. Hope it is on Freaky Friday 2 next.

Suffice it to say, there’s enough new entertainment to create the 2022 Christmas Advent Movie Calendar. Read about these videos and a few other specials in our round-up of what to watch this holiday season.

HAPPENING FOR CHRISTMAS (November 10, Netflix)

And you thought Santa Claus was the biggest star of the season – ha! The answer to the real Christmas wishes of people from all over the world is the long-awaited return of a certain Lindsay Lohan. Lohan plays the spoiled hotel heiress whose hitting the head in a ski accident results in a little amnesia and a lot of joy and joy when she is saved by the kind but handsome innkeeper played by Chord Overstreet. A story as old as time or as old as 1987 Overboard (this time with a little glitz).

THRILLING (November 11, in theaters; November 18, Apple TV +)

Love or hate them, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell have teamed up to create a musical based on Carol. Ryan Reynolds stars as Ebeneezer Scrooge. Will Ferell will play Buddy Elf, the spirit of past Christmas. With these two agents of chaos, there will surely be plenty of kidnappers. (Seriously, can we just get it? Elf 2 already?)

SAINT CLAUSES (November 16, Disney +)

Tim Allen did not return as Buzz in Light-year earlier this year, but will be back for a reboot of his Christmas classic St. Clause—Now a sequel, now titled Santas. There are many Santas now? Or multiple clauses? Who knows! The basic premise is that the aging Santa (aka Scott Calvin, played by Allen) needs to find a replacement. Honestly, just hire Harry Styles and give me a call this day.

CHRISTMAS STORY (November 17, HBO Max)

Write this down in the “Sequels that have the potential to spoil a classic legacy” section. We are wary of this continuation A Christmas tale, one of the most loved vacation movies of all time. Peter Billingsley will return as Ralphie, who returns to his old home to give his children an unforgettable Christmas while reconnecting with old friends and dealing with his father’s death. Hopefully the emotional burden will save this cash from being wasted, but time will tell if it’s a separate story or a footnote to the story of its predecessor.

CHRISTMAS WITH YOU (November 17, Netflix)

Who’s sexier than Freddie Prinze Jr. – only in general? Freddie Prinze Jr. as a loving single father and local music teacher! His character lands on a random affair with pop star Angelina (Aimee Garcia), whose career is collapsing because she can’t get in touch with her fans (or maybe because her nickname sucks, who knows!). Think Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson marry mebut on Christmas and on a much smaller budget – that is, watching meetings.


This trailer may be for last year’s Great British Bakery Festival, but you know what? Same tent, same rules, same Christmas spirit. GBBS It was a bit of a disaster this year (to put it mildly), and yet we still can’t wait to make notes of all the delicious Christmas baked goods that are coming out in this year’s special. If you want your Christmas cookies to be the best at family gatherings, tune in to get the information.

CHRISTMAS KAREN (November 18, on VOD)

We wouldn’t make a fair Christmas list not to mention this year’s big star: Festive Karen. The cheesy movie will be based on the same basic premise as Carolbut instead of Scrooge, the story will focus on “Karen”. He hates joy, always calls the manager, loves to spoil the children’s days … the heart of the matter. Yes, this movie is a little less gimmicky than the rest and you will have to pay to watch it on VOD. But if you watch with lots of seasoned wine and good company, you will have an unforgettable night.

NOEL’S DIARY (November 24, Netflix)

Justin Hartley, beloved star It’s us, appears in his own Christmas fairy tale. And tear up the handkerchiefs, it could be just as sad as his NBC drama! He will play the best-selling novelist who returns home to settle the fortune of his mother, with whom he is dead, and finds groundbreaking information about her while sorting her papers. He also finds a mysterious woman – could it be a holiday romance or a holiday tragedy?

HOLIDAY HARMONY (November 24, HBO Max)

Brooke Shields stars in this holiday romantic drama – that should be enough to sell you Festive harmony alone. The film tells the story of a promising singer who has a chance for a lifetime on Christmas; unfortunately, he cannot get to his destination on time. Produced by Lauren Swickard, the star of the favorite Netflix California Christmas, Festive harmony is for everyone in the crowd. And it makes its debut on Thanksgiving, making it the perfect movie to throw in the background while mashing potatoes and stuffing turkey.


Another Thanksgiving issue! Christmas mystery is for people who want to add something less romantic and more festive and winter during this holiday season. A small town on the West Coast has spent the last century having a good time thanks to the stripe of Santa’s magic bells. However, on this holiday the bells disappear. A group of kids sets out to find them and save the city from the big day.


After you see it, you will surely be legendary Black Panther: Wakanda forever in theaters this November, do another MCU hit at home on Disney +. Marvel is out of this world Guardians of the Galaxy The gang is partying in Hollywood this Christmas, a gift to earthly Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), who longs for his home. But it is not enough. The team decides to steal Kevin Bacon for their leader, the best Christmas gift of all.

Nicholas CAMP (November, HBO Max)

Tie tightly to this sled, it’ll take you for a spin. Santa’s camp is a documentary that follows a group of professional Santa Clauses, Mrs. Claus and elves who flock to Santa Camp to learn the tricks of their trade. This year, the organizers will tackle the historical problem of the Mykolaiv community: a noticeable lack of diversity. After all, the only real qualification for Santa’s ship is the amount of joy that exists in the soul.


Along with Lauren Swickard, her IRL California Christmas Josh Swickard’s husband also takes to HBO Max with his own gripping movie this Christmas. He will team up with Missi Pyle to play in Hollywood Christmaswhich is followed by a budding filmmaker trying to make a name for himself in business. But when the strict head of the studio enters her life, the young artist realizes that he is really in his festive romantic comedy. ownand her life follows all the usual leads. The finish line of a Christmas movie? Include us.

THICK NIGHT (December 2, in cinemas)

Stranger things‘David Harbor as a drunk, brutal Santa defending his family from robbers? You don’t need to say more. Give us violence, give us Christmas joy and give us David Harbor as a sexy Santa!

SCROOGE: CHRISTMAS CAROL (December 2, Netflix)

No respect for Charles Dickens, but this is just an animated, musical version Carol. There are some big names in the voice cast like Luke Evans and Olivia Colman. Otherwise, this video is for seating children in front of the TV to watch them, distracting them while wrapping gifts.


Las Culturistas co-host; Danger of the stars! almost a champion; Successor to Mariah Carey. In December, all these descriptions will apply to the favorite mustache mega-kid, Matt Rogers. Rogers’ holiday comedy show will premiere on Showtime and will feature many guest appearances, including his Las Culturistas co-host of Bowen Yang. If this event is half as joyful, hilarious, and brazenly cheerful as Rogers’ role in last year’s I love it for you (also iconic on Showtime) we are in for a festive feast.

SOMETHING FROM TIFFANY (December 9, Amazon Prime Video)

Zoey Deutch brings her charm and charisma to this adaptation of the Melissa Hill novel. The life of a young woman (Deutch) is turned upside down when an engagement ring for one of her girlfriends shakes up her long-term relationship. If you can afford everything from Tiffany, while still living in New York while on vacation, you lead a life so enchanted that you can survive any interpersonal snafu.

THIS IS A GREAT BINGE (December 9, Hulu)

You may be familiar with Eating, a comedy in which alcohol and drugs are completely banned except for one day of the year. But you might not know that this year there will be a Christmas themed sequel. This time around, “The Binge” comes on Christmas, which means that all drugs, drinking and partying will come during the festive season of the year. Go crazy with this mulled wine people!


This holiday special will follow the events behind the scenes of the spectacular Dolly Parton holiday as Parton tries to lift the spirits of a plagued world. Whether or not it shares any fictional devices with Parton’s 1986 holiday program, Holidays in Smoky Mountain, is yet to be determined. But if so, we can consider it a big win. Nobody cheers for Christmas like Dolly.


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