Stephen Freeman accused of concealing the death of Gabrielle Seitz

Stephen Lee Freeman

Stephen Lee Freeman (L), aerial photo of pickup truck accident scene (Photo via Fox 2 screenshot)

The 19-year-old from Michigan was charged with a gruesome discovery after a minor car accident late last week: the body of a woman in the bed of a truck he allegedly drove.

Stephen Lee Freeman According to the District Prosecutor’s Office, Macomb is charged with one charge of concealing a person’s death and receiving and hiding stolen property.

Authorities would later reveal that the 62-year-old Gabrielle Seitz dead. Her cause of death is currently unknown.

According to Fox’s Detroit branch, WJBK, prosecutors asked for significant ties to be established in the case because the victim had a shoelace around her neck and showed “clear” signs of asphyxiation. However, the trial judge refused to use the information about the alleged body condition of the deceased woman, as the accused had not been charged with her murder.

“[A]t this time it’s not high-level crimes, ”the district judge Alyia Marie Hakim he said, he scolded the prosecution in comments reported by Free newspapers in Detroit. According to prison records verified by Law & Crime, Freeman’s bail was set at a $ 75,000 cash bond with GPS tracking if the money was sent.

Deputy District Prosecutor Macomb Steve Fox argued that Freeman had a history of drug abuse – noting the accused’s recent stay in a treatment facility – and suggested that the accused was or likely to be homeless, the newspaper reported. In turn, the defender Kevin Smith During his trial on November 1, 2022, he noted that his client had no criminal record, is single and has no children, is currently unemployed, and has a family within 100 miles.

The judge, explaining the bond, said it agreed with the allegations and allegations, and the cause of Seitz’s death was still unclear.

The authorities are calling for patience in a mysterious case.

Stephen Lee Freeman appears in a police photo

“As the investigation is ongoing, we are limited in what can be said now,” Macomb County Attorney Piotr Lucido said in comments made by WJBK. However, as we have additional information from the investigation, we will update everyone. “

Initially, the truck driver was wanted by police after the accident because he allegedly fled the scene, according to the Detroit-based NBC WDIV subsidiary. The woman’s body was discovered approximately 30 minutes after a road accident in Roseville, Michigan.

Gabrielle Seitz’s son remembered her fondly in the comments on Free press.

“She was the sweetest living person that everyone loved” Justin Omanssaid Seitz’s eldest son. “She made people laugh… she liked to dance, sing, everything. She was just the perfect mother, the perfect friend, the perfect sister to everyone who knows her.

The distraught son said a source of disinformation was being spread on social media – including allegations against his brother, whom he claims is not even in the area. He also claimed that his mother did not know the man who allegedly traveled with her dead body.

“He wanted to go somewhere with my mom’s body,” added Omans. “He could dump him somewhere, he could take the truck and take it to the junkyard and crush it, and I wouldn’t know where my mom would be.”

Seitz’s son founded GoFundMe to help cover the funeral expenses.

Watch the Fox 2 segment in the case below:

[images via Macomb County Jail/ FOX 2 screengrab]

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