Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s Christmas movie in Spirited Trailer

New trailer for the holiday movie by Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Thrilling, which will hit cinemas and streamers this November, teases the musical comedy extravaganza. This movie is another adaptationCarol, an 1843 short story by Charles Dickens that tells the story of the old miser Ebenezer Scrooge who is haunted by the ghosts of the past, present and future, trying to save his soul from the greed and isolation consuming him. In a classic Christmas tradition Thrilling this isn’t the only version of the Dickens story to hit screens this year, like Netflix Scrooge: A Christmas Carol he will also reimagine classical history.


Thrilling is John Morris’s first directing alongside Sean Anders, a band that previously co-created many projects such as Immediate family, we are the Millers, and Dad’s house. Ferrell stars as a Christmas gift ghost assigned to work with Reynolds in a Scrooge-style role. The duo embark on a magical adventure together that will hopefully make Reynolds a transformed person at the end. It seems the friendship between Ferrell and Reynolds really flourished during the production of this film, with the latter wishing Ferrell all the best this year in a hilarious Stepbrothersvideo tribute style.

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New Thrilling The trailer from Apple TV + reveals that on each Christmas Eve one dark soul is chosen to redeem it with ghosts from the past, present, and even future holidays. With Reynolds in the lead role, as he said “level 20 Pain in DickensClint, Ferrell is determined to change him, although the other ghosts don’t seem so sure. However, the Spirit of the Christmas Gift also has interests of its own outside of work, most notably in the form of Octavia Spencer, playing Reynolds’ executive vice president.

Everything we know about Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s Spirited

In this modernized tale of a classic story, it seems the characters are fully aware of it Carol exists as revealed in a previously released trailer. This remarkable meta-narrative, while drawing attention to its artificiality, will open the door to a potential fourth wall breaking, for which Reynolds is well known in his previous comedy work. The comedy continues with a look behind the curtain where ghosts can walk the Earth one night a year to warn villains to change their course or face the ramifications of their future.

With Ferrell and Sunita Mani playing the roles of ghosts who seem to be employed to help make people better, this movie will provide a fresh perspective on troubled territory, something many Christmas movies try to do these days. In a similar style as Scrooged (which will potentially get a remake featuring Kevin Hart), Thrilling should charm your audience while turning what they already know on its head, potentially delving into a deeper history of the human condition without making its content as terrifying as the original story. With comedy chops by Reynolds and Ferrell at the forefront, this music video is meant to be a hilarious parody that pays tribute to the many adaptations that already exist.

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