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Terrifier 3 is sure to raise the stakes even more horrors and blood after the blockbuster success of Terrifier 2. The Terrifier series will steadily make its way up the horror food chain under the guidance of the bloodthirsty clown Art, who first appeared in the movie. 2008 short film Ninth Circle. Later, Art the Clown reappeared in the 2013 All Hallow’s Eve anthology, before getting its own movie in 2016’s Terrifier. In each of his various roles, Art was portrayed by either Mike Giannelli or David Howard Thornton.

With Terrifier 2, which Thornton reiterated for Halloween 2022, Art the Clown went back to his old antics. With a few complaints that viewers will pass out, Terrifier 2 has become not only a surprising horror movie, but also one of the most persistently scary and brutal horror movies of the year. It is almost inevitable that Art the Clown’s amazing smile will continue to haunt people with the Terrifier 2 effect and even the fame of horror. Here’s everything we currently know about Art’s potential return in Terrifier 3.

Terrifier 3 status renewal

According to writer and director Damien Leone, Terrifier 2 was written specifically for Terrifier 3. According to Leone in the interview, “I had Part 3 while writing Part 2.” In the same interview, Leone spoke more about the future possibilities of Art’s killer clown madness, saying, “There are so many questions raised in Part 2 that have not been answered, and that was part of the project because I know that” I’m going to Part 3. ” Leone’s comments show that Terrifier 3 was always planned. For such plans to move forward, Terrifier 2 only needs to be doing well enough at the box office and it seems that the need has already been met.

Terrifier 3 Cast

Needless to say, Art the Clown will return to Terrific 3 to face Pennywis, and Victoria also seems to be back, so you can count on the return of David Howard Thornton and Samantha Scaffidi. Along with Lauren LaVera and Elliot Fullam, Amelie McLain will likely return as Sienna and Jonathan and The Little Pale Girl. Terrifier 3 can give them a break and introduce new heroes, but Terrifier 2 puts them in quite painful situations. In any case, Terrifier 3 will undoubtedly have an extra scare thanks to Art’s clown scare talent.

Terrifier 3 Plot

In the terrifying conclusion of Terrifier 2, Sienna brutally beheads clown Art and his accomplice in the murder, “Little Pale Girl” (Amelie McLain), who picks up Art’s head and runs away with her. Victoria Heyes (Samantha Scaffidi), a survivor of Terrifier 1, is later seen giving birth to Art’s head in a mental hospital in the end credits sequence of Terrifier 2. Even decapitation clearly fails to stop Art’s clown, as seen in his still-alive smiling head to the terrified nurse. Terrifier 3 will already see the amazing return of the new horror icon.

Terrier 3 – release date

Well, Terrifier 3 can get the green light and level up fairly quickly if Terrifier 2 serves as proof of the series’ popularity. Depending on how much its budget and size increase, Terrifier 3 could follow Saw and Paranormal Activity templates and hit theaters as early as October 2023, but it could do so in October 2024.


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