Release date for the fifth episode of Eminence in Shadow, where to watch, what to expect and more

Fans Eminence in the shadows I saw how Cid managed to stay under the Dark Knights’ radar as no one in the Kingdom of Midgar. However, everything was destroyed after Alexia accepted Cid’s proposal. After the former disappeared, the latter became the prime suspect in the kidnapping.

Fans have been able to see Shadow Garden return with a huge addition of 114 staff as the drama of the situation escalates to a whole new level. The previous episode also made a groundbreaking discovery, showing Zenon Griffey as the perpetrator of Alexia’s kidnapping.

As Cid reveals his true self to Zeno and Alexia in episode 4, fans Eminence in the shadows they are more and more eager to find out what’s next for the protagonist.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the anime series The Eminence in Shadow.

Everything you need to know Eminence in the shadows Episode 5

Release date and streaming platform

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Eminence in the shadows Episode 5 will premiere on Wednesday November 2, 2022 22:30 JST on A-TX, Tokyo MX and other broadcasting channels in Japan. Fans around the world can watch the latest episode of the anime series exclusively on HiDive.

HiDive offers a paid subscription ranging from $ 4.99 per month to $ 47.99 per year, where the membership also offers a two-week free trial. The release date and time in each country may vary depending on geographic location. These are the global release times listed below.

  • Pacific Time: 6:30 PM PDT (Wednesday, November 2)
  • Central Time: 8:30 AM CDT (Wednesday, November 2)
  • Eastern Time: 9:30 AM EDT (Wednesday, November 2)
  • UK time: 2:30 AM BST (Wednesday, November 2)
  • Indian Time: 7:00 p.m. IST (Wednesday, November 2nd)
  • European Time: 3:30 CEST (Wednesday, November 2)
  • Australian Time: 12:00 AM ACDT (Thursday, November 3)
  • Filipino Time: 9:30 PM PHT (Wednesday, November 2)

What to expect Eminence in the shadows Episode 5

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Episode 5 of Eminence in the shadows is titled Ai Amu…… which literally translates as “I am”. The anime recently released a fifth episode trailer that gave a brief insight into the upcoming episode, showing how Cid will face Zeno. He can also reveal his true identity to Alexia.

The teaser also revealed that Cid had awakened the sword he believed to be the most powerful in the Kingdom of Midgar. While the true potential of the blade still remains a mystery, fans await a real treat when episode five airs.

Moreover, Iris Midgar, Alexia’s older sister, who is considered the strongest Dark Knight of the Midgar Kingdom, will show how powerful she is when she goes hand in hand with the monster unleashed in the Capitol.

A short summary of Episode 4

Eminence in Shadow Episode 4: Cid endures torture, suspected of kidnapping Alexia. Meanwhile, her kidnappers reveal their target.

Alexia found herself in a dilapidated basement, where she was tied with magic chains. A scientist approached her and took blood samples, claiming that they contained the power to release a demon. Elsewhere, Cid was tortured by Midgar officials for being the prime suspect in Alexia’s kidnapping.

Cid was released on the orders of Iris. They reunited with Cid, Alpha and Beta, detailing their next move and how Shadow Garden grew by over 100 employees. Cid then murdered the officials who tortured him and the two men who were following him.

Brother, episode 4 of The Eminence in Shadow skipped a scene that I don’t think is needed but still Bro went straight to the point lol

A mad scientist injected Alexia’s blood into a creature in a neighboring basement that became a giant monster and started wreaking havoc around the Capitol before killing the scientist and helping Alexia escape. Zeno revealed to Alexia that he was behind her kidnapping. Cid then approached Zeno and Alexia and introduced himself as Shadow.

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