Paul, Holloway Will Receive HUB Award

Two of Hattiesburg’s most distinguished residents – both longtime members of the University of Southern Mississippi – will receive the HUB Award, one of the highest honors given by the Hattiesburg community.

Joe Paul, who recently became the 11th president of the USM and retired student dean of Eddie Holloway, will be honored at the annual HUB Award banquet on November 17 at 5:45 pm at the Lake Terrace Convention Center. The award was established in 1979 in honor of the former mayor of Bobby Chain, who then served on the board of trustees of state-owned higher education institutions.

It was established on a permanent basis to honor other outstanding citizens of the commune every year. Proceeds from the event are supported by study scholarships for USM and William Carey University students, managed by the Pinebelt Foundation.

“This is a great opportunity for us to express to these two people who have done so much for our community that they are important to us, that we appreciate them and want them to know about it,” said retired USM President Dr. Aubrey Lucas, member of the HUB Award committee.

Paul served 40 years as a student administrator for Southern Miss and became vice president of student affairs in February 1993. Previously, he served as deputy director for student affairs, deputy vice-president and dean for student development, and also held the position of a degree faculty at the College of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Paul retired from Southern Miss in 2015 and has since held part-time positions with the USM Foundation, as Hattiesburg City Civic Services Coordinator and as Executive Coach for the Home Business Advisor Group. Currently, he advises as an executive coach and strategic advisor for Blue Hen Consulting Agency.

Paul was appointed president of the USM last week, four months after his nomination as interim president. He takes over for former president Rodney Bennett, who left his position on July 15.

Paul earned a doctorate. in Higher Education Administration at the University of Alabama, and in 1985 was recognized as the most outstanding PhD student in this field. Paul, who hails from Bay St. Louis, earned his BA in Communications and Political Science from Southern Miss in 1975 when he graduated with honors from University Honors College.

He then earned his MA in Communication and Management from Southern Miss in 1978 and was inducted into the University of Southern Mississippi Alumni Hall of Fame in 2000.

Paul also served two terms as president of the United Way of Southeast Mississippi. He served as chairman of the board of the larger Hattiesburg Area Development Foundation and as a trustee of the board of the Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System.

He was also president of the Hattiesburg Area Education Foundation, on the Board of Directors of the Hattiesburg Boys and Girls Club, and a trustee of the Hattiesburg Public School District. Paul is a co-founder of the Hattiesburg Leadership Pinebelt program and has served statewide in leadership positions at the Mississippi Economic Council.

“I was deeply humble to hear about receiving the HUB Award, which is the pinnacle of service at the Pine Belt,” said Paul. “I was doubly excited to learn that I would receive this award along with my longtime friend and colleague Dr. Eddie Holloway. “I was very surprised to learn that I would receive this honor. What my family and I have invested in the greater Hattiesburg has come back to us ten times thanks to the friendships we have made and the quality of life that we enjoy. ”

Holloway graduated from Rowan High School in 1970 and served as an administrator at Southern Miss for 40 years as well as 16 years as a member of Hattiesburg City Council. He was the first African-American vice president of student affairs and dean of Southern Miss students before retiring earlier this year.

A lifetime resident of Hattiesburg, Holloway earned four degrees, including a PhD in Educational Administration. In 2004, he is an inductee at the Southern Miss Alumni Hall of Fame and has served as student dean, deputy vice president for student affairs, advisor and instructor / assistant professor of psychology, assistant dean of students and interim dean of students.

He was the first African-American member of Hattiesburg City Council to be elected from 1985 to 2000 and served as chairman and vice-chair during that time. He was also a founding member of the Hattiesburg Public School District Foundation.

“It’s a great honor to be selected (for a HUB award),” said Holloway. “I was surprised when I got the call that I was nominated and I was visiting people from the foundation. Then I was informed.


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