Opening of the historic Gulfport shopping center and expansion of the train museum

The hurricane and challenges in the supply chain have delayed and now the Mississippi Antique Galleria in Gulfport is ready to open in time for Christmas shopping.

Phase I of the sprawling 1909 East Pass Road in Gulfport will open in late November or early December, said owner Jourdan Nicaud, who had to deal with a hurricane-damaged roof and power supply difficulties.

The debut will bring what will be the largest indoor mall in Mississippi and a different shopping experience.

“There are 50,000 square feet in Phase I,” he said, and another 30,000 square feet will open in Phase II.

To make the most of the large outdoor space, monthly events and flea markets are planned when the weather permits, he said.

The new Mississippi Antique Galleria on Pass Road in Gulfport will open for Christmas shopping and will become the largest historic mall in the state. Hannah Ruhoff [email protected]

Treasures meet technology

Buyers will enter the hall and checkout area of ​​the gallery. There, for the first time, they will see the antique chandeliers that hang throughout the building. Awnings of different colors create the Main Street look and run along the corridor.

Each awning will mark the site of a different store, Nicaud said.

The colorful awnings inside the new Mississippi Antique Galleria in Gulfport have a Main Street shopping experience. Hannah Ruhoff [email protected]

Five 8,000-square-foot rooms open onto a corridor, providing more display space and new areas for buyers to explore.

He said the plan is to open the first part of the main street and two interconnecting rooms, providing space for 80 vendors.

“We’ll finally have 400,” he said when Phase II opens and the mall is filled with sellers, antiques and collectibles.

Applications are open to a tenant from a reseller that is held month by month. Those interested can join the gallery or submit an online application.

Cost starts at $ 195 per month and 10% of sales.

Nicaud said sellers will have access to the market’s website and software, allowing them to upload photos of the products displayed at their booths. Buyers will be able to go in and buy the item in person or order it online, and the market will take care of the sale and shipping.

The cash desk and front lounge at the Mississippi Antique Galleria on Pass Road in Gulfport lead to rooms with antiques and collectibles. Hannah Ruhoff [email protected]

$ 7 million train layout plans

Less than three miles west on the Pass Road of the Mississippi Antiques Galleria are two other major attractions that attract people – the Mississippi Model Railroad Museum and the Mississippi Aviation Museum.

Plans to expand the $ 7-10 million Railway Museum at 615 Pass Road will be unveiled on Thursday, making it the largest model railroad museum in the country when completed. The 50,000 square foot attraction will create 28 jobs next year.

Visitors will be able to take a tour of the Coast in miniature – noting the Biloxi Lighthouse and other landmarks along the way – and learn about the history of South Mississippi’s trains. Hands-on and STEM activities are also planned to show train enthusiasts how to create their own displays.

The train museum_fitted.jpeg
The Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum on Gulfport Pass Road has been a favorite among families and train enthusiasts for several years. The expansion on the south side of the Pass Road will create the largest railway system in the country. Mary Perez [email protected]

The current museum on 522 Pass Road hosts one of the largest Christmas light shows on the coast from the day after Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. It also has one of the largest Lego railroad exhibitions in Mississippi, over 80 model trains, and several trains to run.

Very close to the train museum, the Aviation Museum at 429 Pass Road honors Mississippi’s aviation heritage and has several planes among its many exhibits.

The combination of the three is expected to help revive Pass Road and attract more tourists and businesses.

Condor muaeum.jpeg
The Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum on Pass Road in Gulfport celebrates the state of aviation in the state with airplanes and other exhibits. Mary Perez [email protected]

The main corridor at the new Mississippi Antique Galleria on Pass Road in Gulfport will soon be filled with antiques and collectibles. Hannah Ruhoff [email protected]

Dealer space is plentiful at the Mississippi Antique Galleria on Pass Road in Gulfport. Hannah Ruhoff [email protected]
One of the halls being finished at the Mississippi Antique Galleria in Gulfport is shown. The market will open in two phases. Hannah Ruhoff [email protected]

This story was originally published November 1, 2022 10:24 AM.

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