Nampa twins with Down syndrome in the Scentsy advertising campaign

Charlie and Milo McConnell star in Scentsy’s new nationwide campaign. Their mom says seeing people of different abilities in an ad is a win for all of us.

MERIDIAN, Idaho – We’ve been following lovely 7-year-old twins Milo and Charlie McConnell for several years; their names are also Chuckles and Meatloaf!

These fraternal Nampa twins have Down syndrome, which is extremely rare. They have fans all over the country! Boys have half a million followers on social media and bring so much fun to people.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and the twins are featured in a nationwide advertising campaign for Scentsy! They are making great strides in raising awareness and acceptance.

“Charlie and Milo showcase some of their products and they just have a great time,” said Julie McConnell, mum of the twins.

Scent executives contacted Nampa’s mum, Julie McConnell, to see if her boys would star in the thrilling Lilo and Stitch product campaign.

Scentsy is one of Idaho’s most successful companies, with annual revenues of one billion dollars. The company is headquartered in Meridian, Idaho.

“We saw a need for a safer candle in the world and designed these amazing wickless candles with tealights,” said Lacey Hanson, vice president of sales consultants at Scentsy. “We then expanded our business to include cleaning and laundry products and what we call our pets and buddies for the past 18 years.”

Scentsy knew the twins would be a perfect fit for the brand and for this special collaboration with Disney.

“We really wanted to show them by knowing their history and knowing how they just make everyone around them feel,” said Hanson. “It really spoke to our company, our values ​​and our products that we wanted to promote. We just didn’t have to wonder to include them in this amazing campaign. ”

Julie’s mom was delighted with the idea. She is dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance of her boys and the Down syndrome community as a whole. That’s why she shares twins’ lives on social media.

“People of different abilities, people of different races, when they see themselves represented in the media, in advertisements, magazines, billboards, whatever, it makes people feel included. It makes them feel valued and important, ”said McConnell. “It makes them feel seen. It makes them feel empowered as if they can do anything. They can dream big things and see that they can do it! “

The twins are natural in front of the camera and they just radiate joy.

“The boys had a great time, they love the camera, they are very animated, they are ham radio, it wasn’t a job for them, it was a party, they had a great time,” said Julie McConnell.

“First of all, they were just super fun on the set, they were laughing. There was so much smile, so much fun. We were just happy to be with them, everyone just seemed happier that day, ”said Hanson.

Inclusiveness is important to Scentsy.

“As a community, we just make sure everyone feels like they belong. We make sure everyone feels they are there, ”said Hanson.

It means a lot to McConnell and her family.

“I appreciate that Scentsy really wants to show people of all abilities and all kinds of people who show diversity in their advertising and marketing. I think it’s fantastic that they took on this mission and made it a priority, ”said McConnell. “I know other companies are doing the same. I see more and more big companies doing community marketing, big companies are just making this conscious choice. To show that we are all worthwhile, we all belong. ”

Charlie and Milo represent the Down syndrome community on the national stage, paving the way for many others.

Scentsy ads with twins will be available to Scentsy consultants from February 2023 and will be included in the new catalog, which will be launched on March 1.

Follow Charlie and Milo’s journey on their Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Posted by Maggie O’Mara on Sunday October 30, 2022

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