Mid Michigan Animal Shelters Solve Capacity Problems – The Morning Sun

Mid Michigan Animal Shelters are discussing capacity issues as they accept more and more pets.

In the early days of the pandemic, many animals were adopted because most people spent more time at home and had more time with their pets. That changed by 2022 as concerns about the pandemic became more alleviated.

“When the pandemic struck, shelters across the country saw an immediate drop in consumption,” said Amanda Tillotson, executive director of the Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS). “It was soon accompanied by an increase in adoptions when people were at home and had more time to spend with the pet. Unfortunately, it ended up like the yo-yo diet, and by 2022 consumption bounced back quickly. The slow pandemic pandemic allowed us to make many positive changes, but we were soon confused as consumption started to rise rapidly. Increased supply and labor costs, coupled with the struggle to keep staff, ultimately meant caring for more animals with fewer people. “


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