Michigan voters take a stand on the absentee vote, the governor’s race

LANSING – For Richard Peluso, a Republican living in Troy, appearing in elections on election day is part of the civic duty, unless voters have good reasons why they cannot.

For Oak Park resident Michelle Spencer, a Democrat who remembers waiting in line for hours to vote for former President Barack Obama in 2008, attacks on early voting and voting are absent in many cases an attempt to inconvenience and deprive urban residents, especially blacks voters.

And for Julie Gavigan of Livonia, an independent voter who has been struggling with who to back in the Governorate of Michigan race since Tuesday, whether voting absent or elected, it is largely a matter of personal preference, especially for current health problems related to COVID-19.

Three Michigan voters were interviewed by Free Press as part of a special election program on Detroit Public Television’s One Detroit, which airs on Thursday at 7pm.

Each of them has views on the vote that reflect national trends. Democrats overwhelmingly support early voting and a vote absent for whatever reason, but Republican support for these electoral characteristics is declining.

A study by the Pew Research Center in 2021 found 84% of Democrats support an absentee vote for any reason, a percentage that has remained roughly unchanged since 2018. But the survey found that only 38% of Republicans support the practice , compared with 57% in 2018. Voters who disagreed clearly with any political party were more evenly divided on the issue.

Michigan voters approved a vote that was absent for any reason in a 2018 referendum, and November 8 will be the first Michigan governor election in which this function is available. Technically, Michigan does not have an early ballot with polls open in the days leading up to election day. But citizens can vote in person in an absentee vote, prior to election day, at the local official’s office.


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