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Osceola-Lake Conservation District is excited to host the upcoming Michigan Grassfest event on November 4, in partnership with MSUE, NRCS, MAEAP and a group of local farmers. The event will run from 15:00 to 18:30. is located at Osceola County Fairgrounds Community Building, 101 Recreation Ave., Evart.

Michigan Grassfest Event

Michigan Grassfest is an ongoing series of events focused on grass-based feed systems for livestock production. The group was founded to give like-minded growers the opportunity to meet other growers and natural resource specialists. Producers recognize that the challenges they experience on their farms are reflected in their farming networks.

Last year’s event attracted crowds of producers from all over the state and was a combination of lectures and peer networking. This upcoming event will focus on roundtable discussions, lectures, introductions for resource professionals, informal networking and fostering collaboration.

On the agenda

The discussion panelists are experienced shepherds from all over Michigan. They bring a wide range of environments, experiences and knowledge to offer to other manufacturers. Panel members are Jack Thornton of Meadow Creek Ranch, Luke Eising of Provision Family Farms, Jon Nelson of JNelson Farms, and Brandi Mitchell of Mitchell Cat Creek Farms.

The topics of the panel discussion include: winter watering for farm animals, winter feeding options and open thematic discussions with participants. Additional speakers include: Kable Thurlow MSU Extension Educator for Beef & Grazing, Dr. Matt Raven from Savory Institute, Greg White NRCS, Brandi Mitchell MAEAP and Jon Nelson at the upcoming Soil Health Academy event, as well as collaboration.

Register today

Please register for the event as the number of places is limited. Producers are encouraged to bring a list of questions that they may be looking for answers to during the event. You can find the registration link on Eventbrite.com by searching through Michigan Grassfest or by clicking on the link provided below. The group welcomes shepherds of all skill levels and livestock.

Grazing and grassland management can be a critical topic for many growers. If you are grazing livestock and want to learn more about the challenges others have faced and the solutions they have found, this is the group for you. You can also register or ask questions by calling Osceola-Lake Conservation District at 231-465-8005.

Eventbrite registration page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/michigan-grassfest-tickets-425027969097?utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&utm-medium=discovery&utm-term=listing&utm- source = cp & aff = escb

The upcoming series of pasture walks in 2023

Osceola-Lake Conservation District and its partners organize various events throughout the year. A program similar to Michigan Grassfest is the Pasture Walk series.

Last year, three different farms participated in separate events. Each farm has a brief overview of the farm’s conservation practices, head counts, grazing strategies, obstacles, and any innovative ideas they have developed to solve the problems. The group then explores the farm, observing things like fence, pastures, livestock and asking questions. Resource specialists are on hand to offer recommendations or discuss program elements and management practices.

Participants in all three events expressed that the walks were beneficial and would like them to continue. In 2023, plans are made to continue the Pasture Walk series, focusing on visiting three new farms. These events help connect manufacturers and resource specialists from across the state. Networking, sharing knowledge, learning about available conservation programs and promoting a sense of community – this is the whole series.

Highlight your calendars

Tick ​​your calendars, Michigan Grassfest takes place on Friday, November 4, 3pm to 6:30 pm at Osceola County Fairgrounds Community Building, 101 Recreation Ave, Evart. The series of pasture walks will resume in the summer of 2023. Make sure you are on the Osceola-Lake Conservation District mailing list to stay up to date on programs on offer throughout the year, and follow us on Facebook! If you have questions about the Michigan Grassfest or Pasture Walk Series, please call Brandi Mitchell, MAEAP Technician for Osceola-Lake Conservation District, at 231-465-8005 or email [email protected]

Brandi Mitchell is a MAEAP technician in the Osceola-Lake Conservation District. For more information, contact her at (231) 465-8005, [email protected], or stop at Osceola-Lake Conservation County Office at 138 W. Upton, Suite 2, Reed City.


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