Joel Klatt considers controversy over Michigan football and the MSU tunnel

The attack by Gemon Green and Ja’Den McBurrows in the Michigan stadium tunnel continues to be a hot topic throughout the college football landscape and will likely be in the near future. But Joel Klatt of Fox Sports hopes that doesn’t happen.

This means she wants the investigation to go further and for everyone to return to college football.

He reasonably explained it in his podcast on Monday while also sharing his thoughts on all the fuss.

“What is this terrible event, right?” Klatt said. “It just completely ruined what is supposed to be a great game and a really fun game. Competitive games are meant to be fun and yes I understand they should be warmed up. By the way, I don’t care if the players are chippy on the field or before the game, you know, and I’m not talking about the fight, I’m just talking about the chippy. As I understand what players are going through. And, with that being said, what happened Saturday night was totally out of place at Michigan Stadium – totally out of place. So let’s get down to it.

“Okay, so I’m not going to go into specific players, whether this or that or whatever I think should or shouldn’t happen to them. Let’s just talk about the argument, where it took place and where we should go. OK, so let’s do it.

“Let’s start with the tunnel. I heard people say, “Well, it’s about the stadium, and this is a single tunnel in the Michigan Stadium. And that’s the problem. You know what? I’m not buying it. Why did they play football in this stadium? 95 years? Hundreds of football games have been played there over many decades, and there are very few, very few, cases of argument or anything. There were a few, right? For example, I’m not going to sit here and look like it’s unexpected. Listen, I was there. I was in games and called games. And Jenny Taft saw Ohio State and Michigan get in and have a match in the tunnel. Jim Harbaugh and James Franklin recently got into a war of words in the press about potentially something that happened, an argument in the tunnel. And now, of course, the one that is… looks really bad, doesn’t it? It looks really bad. Maybe we’ll begin to realize that Michigan probably won’t be in a fistfight with UConn. But when Ohio or Penn or Michigan come into town, maybe we should have more protection there. For example, what struck me about these videos – and you saw them online – what struck me about these videos is as if the regular support staff just went to the locker room with the guys, as there was no security there. How about some extra security in games that we know can get hotter? Penn State, Michigan State, Ohio State – I don’t know, for example put some soldiers there. Normal? I sincerely doubt this thing works the way it does. If there are soldiers in the tunnel, if there is a rope separating one side of the tunnel from the other and you have to go down on your side – such little things. So I think there are some tweaks that they can make procedurally on the spot especially in those specific games because like I said hey when Hawaii is rolling I don’t think they throw fists right? As if it wasn’t a problem all the time. So when could it get to this point like, “Maybe we have some procedures?”

“Okay, then I want to talk about it from the player’s perspective. Okay, so this is spot on, I think they can fix some of these routines. By the way, I think so. But if I’m on one of these teams, how do I feel now? Well, really frustrated. And I don’t want to be like the old, you know, middle-aged guy who played it like “Oh, when I was playing,” no, that’s not what I’m trying to do. What I’m trying to think about are these young men who went out there and put it at stake, won or lost, played their hearts and lost. He picks up whatever these guys try to do, both sides, both sides.

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“If I’m a player from Michigan, I’m really frustrated because this game should have been all about going there and playing really well. I know they’ve settled on too many field targets, but you know who cares? That should apply to the fact that in the last five games, Blake Corum has been the top player in the country and is aiming for Heisman’s candidacy by November. That’s what Michigan should be doing. But no, we can’t celebrate now. We cannot enjoy this victory, which should mean a lot to our program. We are invincible. We have a chance to beat Michigan State and Ohio State for the first time since, I don’t know, in the early 2000s, and now we’re embroiled in it, embroiled in this controversy. This is a frustrating affair on the part of Michigan. It’s taking your achievement on the pitch, what it’s all about.

“And on the part of Michigan State boy, I’m really frustrated that this happened and probably some of my teammates. This is because the actions of the few have now painted the whole thing with a wide brush. Now everyone will come in with this microscope and talk about culture. Speaking of discipline, thinking about transfers. Is that why it is so? Is Mel Tucker not disciplined? What’s happening in Michigan? So all of a sudden you’ve typed into the equation all the distractions that everyone is trying to avoid. So as a teammate, I would be furious about it. Don’t paint me with that brush. The actions of a few are not representative of the whole.

“I know a lot of players from Michigan. I have been dealing with them for years. They’re really good young men. I know Mel Tucker. Yes, was I excited to leave Colorado as a graduate? Not. Have I understood? Absolutely. Normal? How do you look at the opportunity he got. I know the type of trainer he is. I know he has a hard nose. I know a few of his assistant coaches. Know them well. In fact, I was playing for one of them. Now these guys are going to have to go through a period where all the members of the media come in and say, “What’s your culture?” For example, it is distracting and frustrating for a teammate. And I feel sorry for these kids because I know what it’s like to be on a band and be on a program that is painted with a brush that’s wide and unfair, and I feel this is going to start happening in Michigan.

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“And then the last thing I will say about it is, I just want it all to go along with the natural progression. I really don’t want to hear from the coaches and their feelings. I also don’t want to hear from the players. I want this case to run naturally through the investigation. By the way, I should note that there was information about an ongoing investigation yesterday late Sunday evening. Mel Tucker, I believe, made the statement. Michigan State issued a statement that essentially stated that four Sparta players, four Michigan players were suspended indefinitely. There was some language about fully cooperating with law enforcement and their investigation, the Big Ten Conference, the administration of both schools – so everyone is involved and I want it all to go right. If law enforcement, if – put it this way: if and because law enforcement is at stake, let’s all step back and let them do their job. Let them do their job because I want it to end fairly so we can go back to celebrating college football and the players who play in it. This is what he wants. “

As a reminder, a game security has been added, at least in the pre-match and half-time phases. While in the aftermath, a state policeman was seen in one of the McBurrows movies, but it’s unclear what exactly he did at that point.

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