Ingested / Ashes Lie Still their most ambitious and impressive offering to date

The Kings Of Slam Ingested are now slimmed down to a trio. Drummer Lyn Jeffs, guitarist / backing vocalist Sean Hynes and vocalist Jason Evans return with their latest brutal offering, Ashes Lie Still, which the band describes as “a modern must-have.”

Swallowed – Ashes Lie Still (Metal Blade Records)

Release Date: November 4, 2022

Words: Jools Green

“If you like heavy music, it will be almost impossible for you not to find something you like about this album,” MetalTalk said. “It still has the essentials of Ingested like groovy slamming riffs, fast drumming and throaty vocals, but there’s also atmosphere, ethereal moments and some raw old school aggression. Given the quality of the ten songs on Ashes Lie Still, I am inclined to agree with that statement.

The slimmer line-up did not adversely affect the sound. If anything, it is slimmer, meaner and more complex. “We’re all musically on the same page,” says the trio, “and the three of us share the same Ingested vision. We know where we want to go. Sean has always written 90% of our music, so becoming a band of three hasn’t really affected the way we approach writing albums. We just improved our process and we are now more efficient. “

Given Sean’s extremely prolific nature in the writing department, they never lack material, especially the extra writing time available due to the pandemic.

The album’s title and accompanying opening title track, re-written by Sean, is all about the fact that his father suddenly dies at the start of the pandemic and is unable to say goodbye properly.

“Losing a parent is obviously an important moment in someone’s life,” they say, “and we’ve all dealt with collective and individual battles that we faced during this period and for many years, to be honest. We all thought that Sean’s lyrics to Ashes Lie Still had it all perfectly well, so we decided on an album title based on that. It turned the whole process into quite a cleansing experience for all of us. We’ve never had this feeling with an album before. “

Swallowed - the ashes lie still
Swallowed – Ashes lie still

Throughout the publishing house, they draw from personal experiences, feelings, thoughts and perspectives, taking the ups and downs of life into account, to create lyrics. In particular, they say Echoes Of Hate tells of the experience of being physically attacked by someone who was supposed to be a family member and the aftermath of the situation.

All that I lost was addiction and the cost and impact it has on loved ones. Then there’s Shadows In Time, which is all about breaking your shackles and leaving negative people behind.

As with many previous releases, they invited guest singers to “add a new dimension to the record”. First off, the opening track, Ashes Lie Still, features Julia Frau, and what they’ve done here definitely adds a different, subtly eerie and disturbing quality to what is still a brutal track.

“We felt we had a really good chorus,” they said, “but we wanted to use Julia’s voice as a vocal-style synth to back up this section rather than use a plug-in. But while she followed, we kept trying ideas and eventually a full lyrical chorus was born. It’s amazing how ideas develop when you work with people who have different talents than you. ”

Shadows In Time pulses with energy. An intense, relentless beast of a song that strikes with intent but also has a melodic and technical element from time to time. The vocals are delivered mostly with brutal growling and occasional unreadable squeals, and with an eruption of a squeaky lead at the end. A perfectly constructed piece.

In contrast, You’ll Never Learn has a punchy, hypnotic groove that comes to a close, more haunting, and the drum beat breaks through with sinister, snarling vocals.

Tides of Glass opens slower, darker and ominously, a powerfully heavy piece that strikes a punch. I love how the dark riffs midway suddenly turn into a short burst of rising lead before plunging back into the brutal depths of a very emotional track.

The song Hollow Words, which has a really thumping, quick rush to its construction, features Sven de Caluwé’s vocals from Aborted, adding an extra layer of snarling brutality to the lyrical content.

I love the Sea Of Stone opener, ominous and ominous but melodic, merging into something stronger, an ominous melodic element returning towards the end. Probably my favorite track, but don’t hold me back as competition for this award is fierce throughout the album.

All I’ve Lost features the last guest vocalist, Matt Heafy from Trivium. “It’s an absolute legend,” said the band, “we spoke to him online a few years ago after he wrote about how much he liked the song we released then. We ended up recording it in a closed video we shot during the pandemic, and he said if we ever wanted to record it in a song, he’d be ready for it. So we knew we had to invite him to participate in this album. His vocal performance in the song is mesmerizing. From the massive chorus to the aggressive verses, it really captures the song’s desperation. “

Here, the haunted opener via the keyboard fades into the more familiar crushing brutality of Ingested style, Matt’s vocals add a sour, raw extra layer to the vocals, that haunted mood returns in the chorus. A powerful and emotional track.

With Broken Wings, he has a strong punch from the offset and does not subside. He marches steadily and takes no prisoners. Echoes of Hate also has an amazing design that blends seamlessly with the classic Ingested guitar, but continues into riffs that are complex and delivered with furious pace. The vocals cut the music constantly, and the tempo has a very defined and complex ebb and build, which makes listening extremely immersive.

The last track, Scratch The Vein, demonstrates the use of new elements, possibly better than any other track. It’s an amazing atherosclerosis tremendously different in pace and design from the rest of the album and from what you usually expect from Ingested. With an exquisitely haunting lead passage in the second half, it’s the perfect way to end the album, proving that even after sixteen years they still have plenty of surprises in store.

Ashes Lie Still is Ingested’s most ambitious and impressive offering to date. A must for lovers of the brutal end of Death Metal, it guarantees the removal of these mental spider webs and acceleration of the pulse. Go get some !!


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