How is working on the new Wes Anderson film for Bryan Cranston?

Bryan Cranston tells about the filming of Wes Anderson A city of asteroidswhere the film was shot in the meticulous style of the director “very difficult.” A city of asteroids is an upcoming Anderson film that will re-cast a superb cast with Cranston, Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, Steve Carell, Scarlett Johansson, Maya Hawke, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton and Adrien Beard. The Asteroid City storyline is said to revolve around a 1950s astronomical convention where participants discover that their work and life overlap in unique ways.


Anderson is known to work with the same actors in every film, with A city of asteroids is no different. The director has collaborated with Goldblum, Brody and Dafoe on previous films such as Grand Budapest Hotel, Underwater life with Steve Zissouand The kingdom of the rising moon. However, A city of asteroids sees Anderson work for the first time with several established actors including Robbie, Hanks and Carell. And if the past holds true, these actors may return to work with the director on another project in the future. Cranston previously worked with Anderson Dog Island, an animated time-lapse movie in which he lent his voice to a dog named Chief. However, A city of asteroids is Cranston’s first collaboration with a director on an acting film.

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In a recent interview with bumperCranston opened up about working with Anderson on A city of asteroids. The actor praised the family aspect of working and living with the cast of the band where they routinely ate dinners full of music, laughter and conversation. Cranston mentions, however, that Anderson’s meticulous nature made him work on the film “very difficult” due to the specific vision of the director. Check out Cranston’s comments on Wes Anderson and A city of asteroids below:

“When you work for an author like this, it is a big confidence exercise. We made this movie, Asteroid City, in Spain, and it wasn’t an easy job. Working for Wes is not easy. It’s very detailed and very to the point, so you really need to concentrate a lot. Which is compensated by the sympathy and community of experience. We are all in this five star hotel in Spain and every night is a banquet. Every night you exchange thoughts and laugh and someone brings a guitar and you sing and talk. It’s just family type. It’s like an actor’s dream camp come true. It was a really great experience, although again the job was very specific and very difficult. “

“When someone like that calls, it’s the same, I did the same with Tom Hanks. When he calls for something, it’s like yes and what am I doing? I’m talking to Wes Anderson, yeah, what do you want me to do? This is the case with all actors. We show up and say what you want from us, how do you want to do it? Wes creates an animatic and voices all the characters in the animated, what he calls a cartoon. So we watch it on the laptop. We watch the entire movie he records on the laptop and it’s like oh I get it. I can see where you are going. I can see what you are doing and see if I can hit that target, a character you’ve already created. Let’s see if I can point the arrow at it and hit the jackpot.

How meticulous Wes Anderson’s style is unmistakable?

Wes Anderson has a very specific style that makes his films instantly recognizable. While it constantly tells unique and diverse stories, such as the underwater adventures featured in Underwater life with Steve Zissou or animated time-lapse movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, the director is able to embrace the characters that populate his films, creating a distinct mood that permeates his filmography. Additionally, Anderson’s roster of recognized talents happily returns with each new film that offers another challenging character to face.

Despite the varied premises in Anderson’s films, he often uses similar camera movements and plot devices in the film. With movies like Grand Budapest Hotel and Underwater life By using thumbnails to create places with an aesthetic that only Anderson could provide, his loyal followers can spot the author’s work without even knowing that he is at the helm, singling out a director with an unmistakable style. This unwavering dedication to his style reflects Cranston’s comments as they show how Anderson ensures his films meet the standards he sets. So at least a lot of details about it A city of asteroids still hidden, fans of Anderson’s work can rest easy knowing that the director brings more of what they love to the screen.

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