Honkai: Star Rail – Characters, story, beta, release date and everything you need to know

Following the thrilling success of Genshin Impact, gamers around the world are interested in another project from miHoYo. This time it is a science fiction adventure where players explore the cosmos and discover secrets surrounding many different characters. While the art style and animation look a lot like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail offers players some key gameplay differences that players can expect upon launch.

Honkai: The History of Star Rail

This science-fiction story begins in space when the Astral Express and its crew head to the Herta space station for delivery. However, the Voidrangers of the Antimatter Legion are attacking, so characters from both the Astral Express and the stations have to fight them. During the skirmish, new ties are formed and the characters decide to explore different worlds to get answers about the object known as Stellaron.

Honkai: Star Rail characters

Honkai: Star Rail characters
Character Element Description
Trailblazer (player character) Physical This character can be male or female. They woke up on the Herta Space Station after the Silver Wolf activated their container.
Dan Heng Wind A young man who wields a spear called Cloud-Piercer. He joined the guard of the Express on its long journey to escape his past.
March 7 ice It really is. Mihoyo named the character after her date because it reflects the day she was awakened from “eternal drifting ice” with no memory of who she is.
Himeko Fire The red-haired scientist who helped repair the Astral Express and travels the stars.
Yang rod Imaginary He is the “former Lord of Anti-Entropy” who has apparently saved the world several times.
Kafka Lightning Stylish Stellaron Hunter from Insterastral Peace Corporation wanted list.
Silver wolf Quantum A talented hacker who has proven herself against the Crewllum of the Genius Society.
Sampo Wind A savvy seller who is always ready to make a profit.
Cheetah ice Captain of the Silver Mane Guards who hails from the icy city of Belobog.
Weapons Wind Commander of the SilverMane Guard and heir to the High Guardian of Belobog.
Pela ice An intelligence officer of the Silver Mane Guards who thinks clearly and critically in any situation.
Arlan Lightning Protector and head of the Herta Space Station Security Department.
Asta Fire Chief researcher of the Herta Space Station. He can easily handle any situation.
Herta ice He gets bored easily because of his extremely high IQ, but is the “true master” of the Herta Space Station.
Seele Quantum She grew up in the Belobog Underground and learned to fight for herself.
Clara Physical A homeless girl who accidentally revived an ancient robot named Svarog.
Jing Yuan Lightning He is a mighty warrior who leads the Xianzhou Cloud Knights as one of the six generals.
Edge Wind Blade is his nickname, but he is a powerful sword wielder and a member of the Stellaron Hunters.
Luoch Imaginary A young man with a medical skill who carries a coffin on his back.
Natasha Physical She is a doctor in the Underworld and one of the few who can help the people who live there.
Serval Lightning A mechanic who does what he wants. He runs the Neverwinter workshop in Belobog, which he often uses for “rock’n’roll performances”.
Hook Fire Though small, she is the boss of the Moles, a group of friends at Underworld Beloboga.
Sushang Physical He wields a Greatsword and is one of the newest and most excited members of Cloud Knights.

What sets Honkai: Star Rail apart from Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact characters

(Photo credit: miHoYo)

There are many comparisons between the miHoYo fantasy RPG Genshin Impact and the upcoming science fiction adventure Honkai: Star Rail. For example, both are single player free open world games with similar graphics and animation styles. Additionally, in both cases, characters choose to be male or female and can gather more characters into their team as they explore and complete missions. Even the main menus of the game look very similar to those of Genshin Impact.


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