Hannibal’s duo reunite in a new horror movie

HannibalMads Mikkelsen will reunite with series creator Bryan Fuller to create a new horror movie.

The actor will play in Dust Rabbitwhich tells the story of an eight-year-old girl who uses the help of an intriguing neighbor to kill the monster under the bed that she believes has eaten her family.

Fuller – who also created American Gods – to write and direct the film, as well as executive producer, will be a television producer’s first feature-length film as a director. Shooting is scheduled to begin in January next year.

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“Mads brings such a unique quality to every character he brings to life, and to his role in Dust Rabbit will not be an exception, “said Kristen Figeroid, Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Sierra / Affinity (via Deadline).

“We are delighted to be able to return to family horror films from the 1980s, a genre of many favorites at this year’s AFM.”

Hannibal was famous for three seasons on NBC before it ended in 2015, and Fuller recently spoke with Digital Spy about the possibility of awakening.

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“I think it’s wonderful that people are still passionate about it Hannibaland I certainly am, and the cast is here and everyone would like to come back if we had the opportunity, he teased.

“And I think there’s something about Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter’s romance that appeals to people in many different ways, be it just a problematic view or something more personal about self-knowledge or our relationship to sexuality that audiences still respond to.

“I also think the” Fannibal “community has been so active and passionate, not only for the show but for each other, in such a way that there are different people who share a sympathy for the show, who started the community and that community is what what has survived HannibalIn contrast to Hannibal maintaining this community. “


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