HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: A woman shares a spooky encounter in downtown Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS – Many years ago in downtown Idaho Falls, a young orphan aged 11 or 12 was allegedly murdered at the then Rogers Hotel and buried in a wall in the tunnels underneath the city.

Kathy Nave is the owner of Ghost Walk Idaho Falls, a company that organizes tours of buildings in downtown Idaho Falls that are haunted. EastIdahoNews.com tells EastIdahoNews.com that the ghost of the young girl she identifies as Amy still occupies Roger’s building many years after her death.

“Many eyewitnesses saw her running up the stairs. In the ladies’ room on the second floor, they could hear her laughing and giggling, ”says Nave.

Nave says she has seen Amy too and has pictures of her ghost.

Amy’s history dates back to the 1940s. Merchants and shops lined the streets, many of them secretly having brothels on the top floor. Nave says there were at least 100 of them back then.

“When these women had children, the police would come in and take them all away. They were there to work, not to have children, ”says Nave.

The police then set off to find homes for the children. Wealthy couples from outside the city traveled by train and adopted a “healthy and white” child. Those that were not accepted were sold. Children who were sick, disabled, or mixed race couldn’t be sold and were thrown into the river, says Nave.

Some brothels have hired some girls to work as slaves. When they were about five, Nave says they were put up for an auction.

Hotel owner Rogers reportedly bought Amy to help the maids.

“The guy who was in charge of all the hotel maids was a drunk and a mean old man. He would come and find Amy every night, had his way with her and then beat her, ”explains Nave. “When she was 11 or 12, he went too far one night and killed her. He went down to the tunnels, cut a hole in the wall and buried her there.

Years after Amy Nave died, she had heard many stories from people claiming to have seen her. One of the most recent sightings was about three years ago. The company that bought the Rogers building hired a group of contractors who arrived and gutted the upper floors for the restoration project.

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One evening after work, they joined a concert group with Nave and heard Amy’s story.

“They were still looking at each other when I told this particular story,” says Nave. “The next night they waited for us and said, ‘Before you start talking, can we share what’s going on upstairs?’ They shared the story of this little girl. They described her T and what she did.

Nave says she saw her too and claims she has pictures of the girl’s ghost.

Once she and a friend went through the rolls of an undeveloped film. Many of the undeveloped photos are old photos of downtown buildings. One was a photo of a girl Nave recognized because she looked similar to the girl in the photo she had.

my photo
Photo of a girl Nave says was killed whose ghost occupies the Rogers Building in downtown Idaho Falls. | Kathy Nave

“Her picture was there and I just started screaming, ‘I know who it is! Look!’ I drove up (my photo) and told him what I found out during the research. We just couldn’t believe it, ”says Nave.

She declined to share detailed photos from EastIdahoNews.com as she wants people to see them during the tour (the last tour of the season was on Friday), but shared a few that she believes show traces of her presence. Take a look at the picture below. Can you see her

Most of Nave’s supposed meetings with Amy took place in the early evening hours before it got too dark. If you ever find yourself near the Rogers Building during this time, take a look and see who or what is there.

ghost photo 2
This photo shows what Nave thinks are the ghost’s eyes staring out the window inside the Rogers Building. Do you believe it? | Kathy Nave


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