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Givens County Clerk’s office opened Saturday for absentee votes

Posted at 12:21 Wednesday, November 2, 2022

NATCHEZ – Adams County voters will go to the polls on Tuesday in the general election to elect a US congressman, an appeals judge and two judges at the Sixth Circuit Court.

County Clerk Eva Givens’ office will be open Saturday from 8am to noon to accommodate those wishing to cast their absent ballots.

In a vote

Longtime Judge at Sixth Circuit Court No. 1 Lillie Blackmon Sanders decided not to run for another term. Residents will vote for three who are vying for her place, including Lydia Robert Blackmon, Sanders’ sister, Natchez’s attorney Carmen Brooks Drake, and Natchez’s attorney Scott J. Pintard. Post 1 Judges represent voters in northern Adams County.

Sixth Circuit Court judge Debra W. Blackwell is running for another term. He represents the people of the southern part of Adams County.

Blackwell is challenged by Natchez Timothy attorney David Blalock and current District Court Judge Adams Eileen M. Maher, who is also an attorney.

The Sixth Circuit District Court Judge Post 1 represents half of Adams County, half of Amite County and all of Wilkinson County.

The Sixth Circuit Circuit Court Judge Post 2 represents half of Adams County, half of Amite County and all of Franklin County.

Chancellery Judge George Ward and District Court Judge Adams Walt Brown are on the vote but are faced with no opponent.

Brian Flowers, Republican, challenges longtime US national Benny Thompson, a Democrat. Redistribution due to population changes listed in the 2020 census led to Adams County joining Thompson’s second congressional district.

In addition, Adams County voters will elect Bruce W. Burton or Virginia Carlton in a non-aligned race to the Court of Appeals.

Voting wards

According to the US census of July 1, 2021, the county is estimated to have a population of 28,742. Of these, 19,258, or around 67 percent, are registered to vote.

Adams County voters cast their votes in one of 19 constituencies. These polling stations and locations are:

• District 1, Courthouse, Adams County Courthouse, 115 S. Wall St., 751 voters.

• District 1, Fire Department Bypass, Natchez Mall, 350 John R. Junkin Drive, 1,088 voters.

• District 1, Bellemont District, Crosspoint Church, 285 Highland Blvd., 1962 voters.

• District 2, Beau Precinct Presidency, Calvary Baptist Church, 522 Highway 61 South, 1,110 voters.

• District 2, Liberty Park, Adams County Safe, 323 Liberty Road, 911 voters.

• District 2, Kingston Precinct, Kingston School House / Community Center, 799 Kingston Road, 808 voters.

• District 2, Duncan Park, Duncan Park Canteen, 57 Duncan Park Road, 1,172 voters.

• District 3, Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights Recreation Center, 111 Dumas Drive, 756 voters.

• District 3, Concord District, Hope Baptist Christian Church, 301 LaSalle St., 807 voters.

• District 3, Natchez Public School Multipurpose Building, David R. Steckler Multipurpose Building, 311 Liberty Road, 575 voters.

• District 3, Palestinian District, Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Department, 1196 Liberty Road, 1,307 voters.

• District 4, Carpenter County, Rose Hill Baptist Church, 607-1 / 2 Madison St., 592 voters.

• District 4, Morgantown, Morgantown School, 101 Cottage Home Drive, 657 voters.

• District 4, Northside Precinct, Frazier School, 1445 George F. West Blvd., 1675 voters.

• District 4, Pine Ridge District, District 4 Barn, 176 Foster Mound Road, 666 voters.

• District 5, Oakland County, Lovely Lane Methodist Church, 65 Morgantown Road, 1,512 voters.

• District 5, Washington DC, New Hope Baptist Church, 417 Morgantown Road, 780 voters.

• District 5, Airport District, Airport Terminal, 434 Airport Road, 843 voters.

• District 5, Foster Mound, District 5 Fire Station, 228 Foster Mound Road, 1,286 voters.


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