“Deep Fear” Screambox and 9 invisible horrors set underground

Halloween may be behind, but the holiday spirit remains alive and well, judging from the constant onslaught of horror movies. This is another horror feast this month!

November brings loads of new titles, bloody iconic gems, offers for the whole family, and all-new streaming games.

Here are ten noteworthy horror titles available for streaming in November 2022 on some of the most popular streaming services with information on when and where to watch them.

Deep fear – Screambox (November 1)

The claustrophobic element of underground horror is always compounded by insane terror, so expect the situation to get intense. The graduation celebration turns into a struggle for survival in the Catacombs of Paris Deep fear. Three students celebrate their graduation by visiting the Catacombs of Paris. When they discover a bunker formerly occupied by the Nazis, little is known to them that it is not the only thing left. Something, someone is hunting them now. Grégory Beghin is directing from a screenplay by Nicolas Tackian.

Satan’s slaves: communion – Thrill (November 4)

In 2017, screenwriter / director Joko Anwar Satan’s slaves topped the list of best-paid movies in Indonesia and scared new fans when he found a home in Shudder. November brings a continuation, Communion, the first Indonesian movie made with IMAX technology. In the sequel, the family of the first film now lives in an apartment after escaping the terror that sparked their mother’s death. But horror follows them home. If Communion even contains a fraction of the intense chills Anwar delivered in the first film, we are in for a terrifyingly good time.

All excited and full of worms – Screambox (November 8)

Those who enjoy their horror as quirky and transgressive as possible should look no further than the feature debut of writer / director Alex Phillips. Working in a seedy motel, restorer Roscoe (Phillip Andre Botello) is always looking for his final touch up. His days of taking cheap drugs ended when he came across a potent hallucinogenic worm. With his new interest (Trevor Dawkins), the couple embark on a frantic odyssey of sex, violence, and uniting with dirt.

Forward slash / back – Shiver (November 13)

It is up to Maiki (Tasiana Shirley) and her friends to save their arctic village of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, as they discover an alien invasion. Maika and buddies gather together knowledge about horror movies and makeshift weapons, giving aliens a fight for their lives. Aliens can be dangerous, but don’t underestimate the Pang girls. Nyla Innuksuk’s feature debut brings fun of the genre, stunning scenery and thrilling clues to cheer for in this adorable alien game.

A Vietnamese horror tale – Screambox (November 15)

Tran Huu Tan’s horror anthology became an unexpected box-office hit earlier this year in Vietnam, and is now making its way to Screambox. Based on local folklore, A Vietnamese horror tale consists of three chapters and presents an actress looking for eternal beauty, a magician who deals with evil, and a psyche looking for the remains of a dead girl. Considering the gruesome images revealed so far and the fact that the VFX was operated by Thierry Nguyen (Mad Max: Way of Fury) Bad Clay Studio, horror fans are definitely waiting for one very good time.

The boxer’s omen – The Arrow (November 18)

Don’t miss out on this absolutely hesitant Hong Kong cult horror movie when it hits Arrow later this month. In a late production of Shaw Brothers, a man seeks revenge against Thai boxing that paralyzed his brother in a match. As simple as it may seem, the road to revenge is nothing more than the emergence of black magic. The boxer’s omen has it all in one crazy and insanely stylish, horror-filled experience; vivid eel vomiting, kickboxing, witchcraft, blood, creatures and more. Really, don’t skip that choice.

Not – Peacock (November 18)

Journal of Laws of Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) tries to keep his recently deceased father’s horse stud afloat. The arrival of OJ’s energetic sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) adds to his stress as he struggles to remain faithful to the family ranch. But then a ghastly phenomenon begins to fall over their valley; siblings are determined to catch it on camera. On the surface, Not is an accessible, simple sci-fi horror film that is as humorous as it makes you sigh. Below is a darker analysis of the media and those who have abused and left behind. Jordan Peele has successfully captured the scope and spectacle of the summer blockbuster by wrapping it in a chill-inducing fashion moments, breathtaking emotions and endless endless characters.

The land of sleep – Netflix (November 18)

A young orphan travels to the land of dreams and nightmares in search of his deceased father. She is joined by the quirky outlaw half-monster Flip (Jason Momoa) in what feels like a cute yet epic family adventure. This family-friendly feature is based on a comic book Baby Nemo in Dreamland Winsor McCay, and the director is Francis Lawrence (I am a legend, Constantine).

Double – Hulu (November 20)

A film about a double Karen Gillan

Continuation of the black comedy by Riley Stearns The art of self-defense shows his talent for unconventional humor again. Only this time the writer / director applies it to an advanced science-fiction story where the starting point is a decision made at the end of life. Sarah (Karen Gillan )’s simple existence is devastated by a sudden terminal illness diagnosis, prompting her to explore the possibility of easing the blow to her loved ones. Sarah is encouraged to take part in the cloning procedure, which will allow her double take over her life when she goes away with loved ones who are not at all the wiser. But Sarah’s doppelganger is a little too effective at their job as a substitute, ultimately leading to a duel to the death. Double uses lethal stunts and bizarre performances to capture the strangeness of life, especially in the face of death.

Blood ties – Thrill (November 22)

Relatives of Noah Segan

Writer / director Noah Segan’s feature debut brings a charming, soft touch to vampire tales, favoring dad jokes and affecting relationships rather than wildly letting bloodshed. Francis (Segan) is a routine vagabond and has some valuable things. But his comfortable but niche way of life on the fringes of society is changing when 15-year-old Jane (Victoria Moroles) shows up at the door of his hotel. Her mother has just passed away, leaving her alone in the world, and she has some peculiarities that make her wonder if she has inherited from her father. Features like super strength and an appetite for meat so rare it is practically still bleeding. Francis shudders at his daughter’s idea, but showing Jane the ropes of vampirism slowly destroys his carefully guarded walls as they embark on a journey. Blood ties delivers an infectious and charming horror comedy.


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