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Court files: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Posted at 00:00 Wednesday November 2, 2022

Adams County

October 21-27

Civil lawsuits:

James Washington Jr.

Orvelle Jones Conservatory.

Joseph Norwood’s redhead mansion.

DHS – Gregory Z. Givens.

DHS – Natrina R. Johnson.

DHS – Jeremy D. Lyles.

DHS – Adam A. Stacker.

DHS – Gregory M. Carter.

DHS – Jermaine Stander.

DHS – Jamar White.

DHS – Patrick Delaughter.

DHS – Eliegrel Q. White.

Shirley Mae Riley Washington Estate.


Rene Louise Cauthen and Bruce Leonard Cauthen. (Joint application for divorce)

Applications for marriage:

William Jerold Whatley, 54, Baton Rouge, LA to Christopher Townsend Aronstein, 51, Baton Rouge, LA.

Lucas Fields Thomas, 25, Natchez to Serenity Sky Westbrook-James, 22, Natchez.

Deed Transactions:

October 20-26

Carthel Jack Finch and Deborah A. Finch to KPB Partnership, LLC and Tensas Poppadoc, Inc., Tract A, 848.1 Acre Tract, Part of Shieldsboro-Deer Park Plantation.

Bobby L. Cox and Clifford A. Cox to James Floyd and Tammy Floyd, Part 8 Hunter’s Hall-Hurricane Subdivision.

Roger C. Tolbert Jr. and Ruth Ann Tolbert to James McLachlan III, Lot 4 of the Retirement-Walnut Grove Plantation Division.

Joshua Freeman to Matthew Ryan Freeman and Jheri Dupre Freeman, part of E Westover Heights Subdivision, fourth development.

Ruben R. Rogers IV to Black Jack Holdings, LLC, Lot 1 on Block 3, added to Buena Vista Heights.

Robert Earl Green to Annette Carter and Norma Reed Moore, land on the west side of Pine Ridge Road.


October 20-26

Doretha Mayberry to Home Bank, land starting at the southwest corner of Lot 8 in Zaragoza.

KPB Partnership, LLC and Tensas Poppadoc, Inc. to Louisiana Land Bank, Tract A, 848.1 Acre Tract, part of the Shieldsboro-Deer Park plantation.

James Floyd and Tammy Floyd to Mortgage Research Center, LLC d / b / a Veterans United Home Loans, Part 8 Hunter’s Hall-Hurricane Subdivision.

Matthew Ryan Freeman and Jheri Dupre Freeman to Angel Oak Home Loans, LLC, Division E Westover Heights Subdivision, Fourth Development.

Adams District Court

Thursday, October 27

Civil cases:

Mendelson’s Law Firm against Cedrick Davis.

United Credit Vidalia v Laura Laquett Jackson.

Stonehurst Arms Apartments v Brenda McGraw.

Stonehurst Arms Apartments v Jasmine Doss.

Stonehurst Arms Apartments v Robin Harris.

Stonehurst Arms Apartments v Lawanda Starks.

Stonehurst Arms Apartments v Latira Jones.

Stonehurst Arms Apartments v Jamecia Thomas.

Stonehurst Arms Apartments v Keydra McGee.

Keyon Strauder against Denzell O’Neal.

Midland Credit v John W. Jackson Jr.

Midland Credit v Marilyn Townsend.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v Terry Champ.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v Marie Queen.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v Ricardo Thomas.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v. Cheryl Biggins.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v. Kimberly Bingham.

Mendelson’s Law Firm against Otis Faust.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v. Latoya Hammett.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v Kristen Drumgoole.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v Sharound Bradley.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v. Latalia Terrell.

Mendelson’s Law Firm v. Reshard Boygents.

Tower Loan of Mississippi against Margie Ford.

Tower Loan of Mississippi against Ivan Turner.

Tower Loan of Mississippi v Lora Williams.

Tower Loan of Mississippi against Raymond Murray.

Natchez Housing Authority v Imani A. Veasey.

Natchez Housing Authority v Johnny Green.

Natchez Housing Authority v Jasmonique Watkins.

Ricardo Thompson against Robert Lee Jackson.

Concordia Parish

October 21-27

Civil lawsuits:

Irma Newman Tisdale’s succession.

William Samuel Archer Jr.’s succession

Mattie Bacon v Brittanny Cupstid.

CLH and RLH v Brittany Cupstid.

CLH and RLH against Hugh Wes Hedrick.

Johnnathan Bates v Brendon Butler.

Johnnathan Bates v. Louisiana Farm Bureau accident insurance company.

John Farmer v. Walmart Louisiana, LLC.


James Hunter Walsworth v Amber Renee Stroud Walsworth.

Travis Hinman v So Hinman.

Patricia Killelea Willard against Billy L. Willard.

Applications for marriage:


Deed Transactions:

Shirley J. Johnson Revocable Living Trust for Jasmine Le Le Serroano, Jasmine Molina-Gutierrez and Jose Reynaldo, lots 135, 136 and 137 Belle Grove Subdivision.

Linda Sue Mullins McVay to Randy Lee Powell, games 35 and 36 of Dixie.

Ben O. Moree Jr. to Barry Dean Shedd and Regina G. Shedd, Part 83 Rokofe River Park.

Ben O. Moree Jr. to Berry Dean Shedd and Regina G. Shedd, part of 84 Rokofe River Park.

Henry Luther Marling and Victoria Lemoine Marling to Amber T. Passman, Flight 70 Taconey Subdivision.

James Delton Moak and Patricia Pickett Moak to Jimmy Dale Stewart and Karen Stewart, part of Deer Park’s 15 Hunting and Fishing Camps.


Jasmine Lee Serrano and Jose Reynaldo to Angel Oak Homes Loans, LLC, Lots 135, 136 and 137 Belle Grove Subdivision.

Amber T. Passman to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, Lot 70 Taconey Subdivision.

Jimmy Dale Stewart and Karen Stewart to Pike National Bank, part of 15 hunting and fishing camps in Deer Park.


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