Cici Movie Review (2022) – A confusing insight into the depths of regret, remorse, and nostalgia that fall flat

A confusing insight into the abyss of regret, remorse, and nostalgia that descends to the ground

The Turkish tragedy-drama on Netflix focuses primarily on a family who leaves their small village and moves to town after suffering the terrible loss of an aggressive father’s death. The film mainly focuses on the events of their 30-year absence, only to re-examine the devastating discovery. They soon encounter a series of complex feelings and heart-rending revelations that either permanently tear them apart or make them more connected than before.

On a Turkish pasture in the 1970s, the late Mr. Bekir rules his home with absolute authority during the first part of the sentimental drama. Havva, his spouse, despises him for treating children badly and for cheating on her. Elder son Kadir often receives blows from Bekir. In addition, she does not allow her children to go to school. Saliha, his child, sneaks out on a warm date with Cemil, the boy who works on the estate. After punishing Kadir, one day the patriarch suddenly becomes ill and dies.

When the traditional and sometimes brutal patriarchal head of the family dies of a cold and illness, their mother Haava takes over custody of the dysfunctional family and takes her little children out of town in hopes of a good future. Kadir, the second son who experienced the most hardships as a child, discovers that he is a filmmaker and uses cinema to convey his muffled feelings. This is the main theme of Berkun Oya.

The Turkish word “Cici” means “beautiful” or “pleasant” which is somewhat confusing to the long, slow-burning tragic plot of this film. Tragi-drama is a confusing insight into the depths of regret, remorse, and nostalgia.

Overall the performances are impressive and there are great cinematographic sequences. The latter is the strongest element of the movie. The cinematographer for the film is also proficient in lighting, which is reflected in the film. The film shows great scenery and we are also exposed to enchanting folk music.

The main problem with the Cici is how slow it is, despite its excellent performance. The film has several static shots, which gives it an almost theatrical character. The scenes often repeat themselves as one of the characters works as a filmmaker. There are many unnecessary dialogues as sibling relationships are rarely researched and discussed. Additionally, several of the dialogues in the film seem empty and meaningless.

Nothing was ever revealed about the Kadir movie. Even while the characters discuss it, they limit his plot to one scene where his father punished him by angrily sprinkling him with a garden hose. In fact, it’s not even the most depressing thing we’ve witnessed when Bekir did. Moreover, the film also spends a considerable amount of time depicting Cemil in order to spark an budding romance between him and Saliha. He also tries to show some rivalry between him and Kadir. But in the end, it all goes to waste, because Cemil’s greatest contribution to the plot is nothing but inconsistent bursts of singing at the most inopportune moments.

The secondary characters that appear later on contribute very little to the story. Saliha’s kid Naz is an obnoxious, nervous teenager who fits the stereotype. Yusuf’s wife and child are so unimportant to the plot that they may have been left out of the film.

From the end of the film, we simply don’t learn anything about the characters and their hidden traumas. It presents them as living in their own bubbles, but does not convince audiences that their connections mean anything. Even though they all had a difficult upbringing because of their father, they all insist that the departure of the patriarch made matters worse.

Although the movie seems to have a compelling storyline, it is poorly made. Some scenes repeat themselves, and when it is important, in other scenes we don’t have additional context. A filmmaker somehow leaves out information that we don’t really understand, assuming we already know it. Since trauma is at the heart of the story, the movie should have done a lot more with the subject, but it hardly touches on it.

Even though Cici explores delicate issues like trauma, repression, and guilt, she is very disappointing when you are unable to empathize with any of the characters. Unfortunately, despite the assumption that the movie has potential, it falls flat.

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