Cheer Up Episodes 9 and 10 are delayed, new release dates remain TBA

Why have episodes 9 and 10 of Cheer Up been delayed worldwide, and what do we know so far about the new K-drama release dates?

Korean drama episodes are the backbone of our weekly schedule, and almost every day there is a new show for you to enjoy.

However, various series this week are experiencing widespread cancellations and shifts from both national TV networks, licensed distributors, and international streaming partners.

This includes Episodes 9 and 10 of Cheer Up, which were originally scheduled to premiere Monday and Tuesday this week – here’s everything you need to know about the delays and release dates for these titles.

Why were Episodes 9 and 10 of Cheer Up delayed?

Episode 9 of Cheer Up was originally scheduled to premiere on Monday, October 31, and episode 10 was due out on Tuesday, November 1.

Both episodes were delayed by the SBS TV network due to the horrific crush crash that occurred in Itaewon on October 29.

“On the 31st, a Cheer Up official told Ilgan Sports:” Please be advised that the 9th and 10th episode of the SBS series Monday through Tuesday, “Cheer Up”, which was scheduled to air on Mondays and Tuesdays, was canceled. – Navera news.

The tragedy took place before a special Halloween event, during which over 100,000 people gathered in the narrow streets of Seoul.

“According to the Central Headquarters for Counteracting Disasters and Security, at At 6 am on the 31st, more than 300 people were injured and 154 people were killed, ”reports Naver News.

“In an atmosphere of national mourning after the large-scale disaster in Itaewon, the entertainment shows and dramas are canceled one by one.” – Navera news.

Has the new release date been revealed?

Cheer Up 9 will air on Monday, November 7 at 10 p.m. ET, and episode 10 will air on Tuesday, November 8.

However, fans should note that the SBS has yet to officially confirm this as South Korea enters a period of national mourning. Are reports that episode 10 will be moved to November 14, but that has yet to be confirmed.

“The Korean government announced the national mourning period until November 5, while Yongsan County, which includes Itaewon, extended the mourning period to December 31.” – Soompi.

The following events and broadcasts have also been canceled / postponed due to the tragedy of Itaewon:

  • Same bed, different dreams 2 (SBS)
  • Buddy in the Wild (MBC)
  • Oh Eun Young Report: Hell of Marriage (MBC)
  • DNA Mate (MBC)
  • Witch’s Game (MBC)
  • Can I help you? (MBC)
  • Love is for Suckers (ENA)
  • Kings of Ssireum (EAW)
  • Passionate goodbye (MBN)
  • Street Man Fighter (Mnet)
  • Artistock game (Mnet)
  • Show me the money (Mnet)
  • Must-Try Restaurants (tvN)
  • Reviving Dance (tvN)
  • Village President’s People (tvN)
  • Young Actor Retreat (tvN)
  • Amazing Saturday (tvN)
  • For every star (tvN)
  • Fast on the block (tvN)
  • Pawon talk 25 o’clock (JTBC)
  • Baseball Monsters (JTBC)
  • Over the Top – Men’s Championship (JTBC)
  • Second World (JTBC)
  • Life Reset Re-Debut Show – A Star Is Born (JTBC)
  • World Dark Route (JTBC)
  • Black Box Han Moon Chula (JTBC) review
  • Marry me (jtbc)
  • K-909 (JTBC)
  • Knowing Brothers (JTBC)

Other canceled events / broadcasts include Workplace Romance, Street Man Fighter, The Show, M Countdown, Music Core and Music Bank.

We express our sincere condolences to those affected by the tragedy and wish them a quick recovery.

Author: Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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