Blake Corum is growing rapidly, WR is falling rapidly

Free Press, sports journalist Tony Garcia, introduces Michigan footballers who aided or injured their actions after Saturday’s 29-7 victory over Michigan State:

Three up

DB Moore Rod: According to Pro Football Focus, Moore had his best game of the season. His highlight of the night came towards the end of the fourth quarter when Payton Thorne threw through the middle; Moore jumped in front of him and turned him for 30 yards. Moore was targeted five times and allowed only one party. When he fought Keon Coleman, the Spartan’s most dangerous player in attack, Moore held him without catching on three targets and had one break-off pass. He didn’t let the ending end up with Tyler Hunt’s tight ending. Moore allowed Daniel Barker to take only 9 yards. He finished third on the team with five recipients.

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RB Blake Corum: Second year stocks are still on the rise as he played one of his best games on Saturday. He had 33 wears at the highest level in his career, soaring 177 yards and a touchdown on the ground and was named Big ten offensive player of the week. He also caught a 2-yard pass for the team’s first score.

He was productive basically every time he touched the ball, picking up 14 of Michigan’s first 27 falls; he has made 69 of his first lows in the NCAA. According to Pro Football Focus, he also had arguably the most volatile game of the year, forcing his career’s top 15 missed tackles to the team’s top four moves, which gained 12 yards or more.

Michigan Wolverines, jake Moody (13), scored the second half goal on October 15, 2022 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

K Jake Moody: On the heels, after missing a goal in three out of four matches, the senior performed flawlessly in the two biggest games of the year in Michigan. The week after going 4v4, he moved 5v5 on his way to the Player of the Week’s Big Ten Special Teams title. Moody connected at 22, 25, 39 and 33 yards before hitting the longtime 54 yards at the start of the fourth quarter. At this point, Michigan has risen by 15 and Moody has scored a total of 16 points.

Michigan wide receiver Cornelius Johnson (6) will face Maryland defender Dante Trader Jr.  during the first half at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

Three down

WR Cornelius Johnson: It was a season of highs and lows for Cornelius Johnson and Saturday had some serious lows. Johnson made Wolverines’ only loss by catching a drag route in the first series and running it for 7 yards before being displaced; this resulted in the only scoring ride for Wolverines in the first three quarters.

He was tracked again, but the ball didn’t even hit his hand on what appeared to be the wrong route. For the second time this month, it only had one hook per 7 yards.


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