Best Disney Channel Original Movies, Ranking

The Disney Channel has premiered hundreds of original movies on its network, starting with Home Coming to Life (Smart home), a boy who learns that he is part dwarf (Luck of the Irish). Aliens, witches and twin sisters who never knew the existence of the other, the children of the villains – name it, and the Disney Channel made a movie about it. And to keep it better, most movies are less than an hour and a half, so this is perfect if you want to run a marathon of old Disney Channel movies! While there is an extensive list of movies that make up the Disney Channel list, here is a list of some of the top ranked ones.


10/10 The Thirteenth Year (1999)

This 1999 film tells the story of a young teenager, Cody, who was adopted as a child when his biological mother, a mermaid, left him on a boat to be raised by human parents. When Cody turns 13, he gets more than he expected because he starts turning into a mermaid; it forms scales every time it gets wet and soon learns that it can talk to the fish. Cody finally meets his biological mother, the mermaid, and the two set sail for the summer at the end of the movie; Cody wants to learn more about her life and how to deal with being a mermaid. The thirteenth year is a special movie that can make every little child dream of being a mermaid / mermaid.

9/10 Jump in! (2007)jump in

If there’s one thing Disney is best at is having a main character who lives two different lives to reassure his parents. In this original Disney film, Corbin Bleu stars as Izzy Daniels, a teenager whose life revolves around boxing and making his father proud until his friend Mary (Keke Palmer) needs his help. Mary has a group of friends who jump rope, and when Izzy tries it himself, she quickly realizes that he has a passion for something other than boxing. Izzy has to keep a secret when it comes to the Double Dutch competition as she is convinced his father will not approve of his newfound hobby. Eventually, Izzy’s dad comes to the contest to cheer on his son, and every conflict is resolved as it wouldn’t be a real Disney movie if it wasn’t.

8/10 The Color of Friendship (2000)the color of friendship

Based on real events, The color of friendship tells the story of two girls from opposite sides of the world who join forces to finally unite to fight racial injustice. Piper, a young black American girl, begs her father to host an African student, not realizing that the student may be South African as well as be white. When Mahree arrives in America, she is shocked by the diversity and turns out to be quite rude to her host family, but soon begins to form an unbreakable bond. Mahree changes her mindset and returns to South Africa at the end of the movie with a different perspective, cheerfully telling her maid Flora that she has chosen to side with the black liberation movement.

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7/10 Stuck in the Suburbs (2004)I'm stuck in the suburbs

Featuring Danielle Panabaker and Brenda Song, I’m stuck in the suburbs was the first Disney Channel original film to feature its own soundtrack. This movie is about two high school students who are deeply in love with pop star Jordan Cahill, and when they literally bump into each other they accidentally swap phones and go crazy. Jordan says he feels attached to his label and wants to be himself, so Brittany and Natasha set out to help the beloved singer by changing his entire appearance and cutting most of his hair.

6/10 Cadet Kelly (2002)Cadet Kelly

Kelly, played by Hilary Duff, is a carefree girl who previously attended art high school and had tons of friends, but when her mother marries the commandant of a military school, her life turns upside down. The family moves to a military base, and Kelly must sign up, stunned to learn that she literally has to go to a training camp to get her secondary education. She argues with Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone, and when it turns out that they are both in love with the same boy, they begin to torture each other with jokes. US Today claims it was one of the Disney Channel’s greatest films that was released in 2002, gaining a large audience of over seven million who tuned in.

5/10 Halloween Town (1998)halloween city

In Halloween townMarnie Piper (Kimberly J Brown) turns 13 and discovers that she is a witch, as are her mother and grandmother, played by the late Debbie Reynolds. Marnie finds a secret portal that leads her to Halloweentown, a special place full of monsters and ghouls that cannot spawn around humans to survive. However, bad things lie beneath the services of this seemingly nice but spooky city, and Marnie must save her grandma before it’s too late and everything is ruined. People say Marnie and Kal (Daniel Kountz) who worked together in the second part Halloween town franchises have recently been involved, sparking sweet reactions from fans of the series.

4/10 Cheetahs (2003)cheetah girls

Four friends living in a big apple; Galleria, Chanel, Aqua and Dorinda form a group called The Cheetah Girls that performs at birthday parties and other intimate parties. It was the first Disney Channel Original musical to open the door to the big movies to come. A man named Jackal Jackson searches for them and signs them on his big record label, and from there famous hits. Cheetahs is a great friendship movie, juxtaposed with an amazing soundtrack, dance choreography and a scene where the girls gather together to save the dog from the canal by singing to him to calm him down.

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3/10 Lemonade Lips (2011)lemon mouth

After five strangers are arrested for completely different reasons, the beginning of this film almost resembles a child-friendly version Breakfast Club. While in custody, they form a sort of band, all grabbing a makeshift instrument as they sway around the room. The next day, Stella (Hayley Kiyoko) gathers a group at a local pizzeria and demands that they form a real band, claiming that everyone knows how good they are. Stella (Bridget Mendler) names the band Lemonade Mouth after the group is cornered at school when the rival team Mudslide Crush begins to harass them and Stella spits lemonade on them.

2/10 Camp Rock (2008)Camp Rock

The Jonas Brothers were very well known when they decided to make this Disney hit movie, but it made Demi Lovato famous. Mitchie Torres (Lovato) has one dream for a summer vacation, and it’s Camp Rock, a summer camp for musically gifted teenagers. Amazingly, Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) also attends the camp as a mentor and love lover. Camp Rock it has a great soundtrack, an important message to be yourself and a feeling of wanting you to go to summer camp again.

1/10 Secondary Music School (2006)hsm

Similar to Jump in !, Troy Bolton is the best basketball player at East High with his primary focus being solely on sports. However, when a new girl Gabriella Montez joins the school and becomes interested in the musical, Troy falls in love not only with Gabriella, but also with singing. It’s quite possible that the most memorable roles of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens shine along with an equally unforgettable cast. This series was so successful that the third installment was released nationwide.


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