Bad news about ‘House of the Dragon’ season two release date

As war draws closer to Westeros in the House of the Dragon finale, fans are wondering when the season two release date will be. But as with the most expensive productions nowadays, we are very far from the annual schedule. Even though House of the Dragon premiered in August 2022, we now know that the second season will not come almost a year later.

This confirmation comes from HBO’s director of content, Casey Bloys, who says House of the Dragon’s release date will be “sometimes in ’24.” In an interview with Vulture, he said: “We are just starting to make a plan, and like last time, there are so many unknowns. I don’t mean to be shy or secretive but you don’t want to say he’s gonna be ready for that date and then you have to move it around.

And then just: “Don’t expect it in 2023.”

We can at least try to make a rough estimate based on the time between Game of Thrones seasons, given that the productions are at least somewhat similar in size and scope.

For a very, very long time, HBO had Game of Thrones seasons on a fairly orderly schedule. The performance was scheduled to arrive in April and run until June. This was the case between 2011 and 2016 with just nine month-to-season expectations, but then things changed. Season 7 debuted 13 months after season 6, and season 8 debuted approximately 20 months after season 7 was released.

If we are now closer to the second Game of Thrones era, the absolute minimum would be about 14 months from the first season of House of the Dragon to come January 2024. It seems more likely that it could be closer to a year and a half, so 18 months would bring it closer to April 2024, back to the traditional Game of Thrones release time. Two full years would take us until October 2024, of course, and I don’t think anyone wants that.

There are more and more long gaps between seasons of especially large TV programs. Almost nothing had the traditional “release for this month of every year” window anymore. This was obviously disrupted by the pandemic that delayed production of literally everything, but even after that it still happens and seems to be the new norm for many productions. I wonder if some of this could be due to the VFX studio’s backlog of work currently plaguing Hollywood, in addition to other issues.

So yeah, you’ll have to wait a while for House of the Dragon Season 2. Production and shooting should start early next year and we’ll see where we go from there.

Update (10/31): Some new info on what to expect from Season 2, according to showrunner (via Deadline):

“We’ll get to the show, but you need to understand the complexity of these people before they are thrown into war. Series 2 will hit the beats people used to expect from the Game of Thrones mid-game, but it will get deserved and viewers will feel tragedy as we put work into it.

Condal also talked about how season 1 jumped forward in time, with huge time leaps that often resulted in actors being reworked two or even three times. This is the end and it looks like the cast is now the cast for the rest of the show:

“I will say that as a reward to our great audience for following us through all the jumps and transformations of time, they are finished … We are telling the story in real time from then on.”

Surely the mid-season swap of the two young lead actresses for new releases was a tweak, but I think so far most fans have gotten used to Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke and appreciate them in the roles, so it’s good to know we’re not jumping decades ahead, which would have required cast members to switch again. And at this point, we’ve gone through a million different Velaryons.

So yeah, Season 2 is going to be a while, but it should be a bit more stable than Season 1 when it comes.

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