Austin and Ozzy-Momodu run eastern Michigan over Northwood, 92-84

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YPSILANTI, Michigan ( – Eastern Michigan University women’s basketball team defeated Northwood University Timberwolves, 92-84, at their home exhibition at the George Gervin GameAbove Center, today, November 2. Lachelle Austin (Redford, Michigan-Wayne Memorial) scored 31 points while senior Irekpitan Ozzy-Momodu (London, England-City of London Academy-Robert Morris) added 21.

Austin and Ozzy-Momod’s stellar appearances led the Eagles into an exhibition competition. Austin had seven rebounds and six assists, and Ozzy-Momodu added six rebounds, two steals and three blocks. Junior Ce’Nara Skanes (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-Putnam City West) He also helped with 14 points, six rebounds and two blocks.

Eastern Michigan benefited from a fantastic ball movement, scoring 17 assists out of 35 goals scored off the field. Austin’s six assists traveled the Eagles during their sophomore year ZaNiya Nelson (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-Putnam City West) also contributed three assists. Green and white did a great job of interrupting Northwood’s shots in the contest by walking away with eight blocks. Three rejections of Ozzy-Momod led individually for Eagles.

How did this happen
After a 6-5 loss, Eastern Michigan came out 7-0 from 8:16 ahead of the end of the first quarter, culminating in a bucket from Ozzy-Momod to take the lead 12-6. Then Eagles gave up the lead and entered the second quarter, losing 23:20.

Northwood kept increasing that lead, building a 34-28 advantage before Eastern passed 6-0, underlined by Austin’s bucket, and drew the game at 34. The Eagles then broke the draw and used 45-42 at half time. Lead. Eastern Michigan dominated the ranking with 16 of its 25 points close to the basket.

After the break, EMU continued to expand their lead, moving it to 57-49, then over 8-0 to increase their lead to 65-49 from 4:22 to third place. Before the end of the third quarter, the Timberwolves added their result, but Eagles entered the fourth quarter with an advantage of 70-63. The team played well near the basket, scoring 14 of the 25 points in the penalty area.

Eastern kept their lead intact before starting on a 10-0 run, finished through the first year Elena Cabello (Malaga, Spain-IES Mediterraneo) third, to increase the advantage to 80-66 from 6:55 to pass in the competition. The Timberwolves narrowed their lead a bit before the end of the game, but the Eagles continued to circle their way to a 92-84 win. Eastern Michigan benefited from four Timberwolves sales in the quarter, scoring seven takeoffs.

Game Notes
»The eagles shot well from a distance of three points, defeating 7 out of 16 long-range attempts, for a total of 43.7 percent. In 2021-22, the Greens and Whites scored better than behind the bow only once, against Grace Christian University on November 18, 2021, when the EMU shot 53.6% (15 of 28).
»The defense of the Eagles forced 14 losses and she never missed a chance in the second half on her way to victory. Defense of the East forced 14 or more turns in 13 different occupations between 2021-22.
»The Greens and Whites actively influenced the shots in defense, noting as a team eight blocks. Last season, EMU scored six blocks, which were the highest of the season, on five separate occasions.
»Eastern Michigan has a total of 17 assists in the game. In 2021-22, the Greens and Whites recorded double-digit midfielders in seven games, including their highest-season game against Grace Christian (31) on November 18. In 27 games last season, EMU recorded a total of 265 assists.
»East Michigan cleared on offensive glass, collecting 12 offensive boards in the game. The EMU recorded double-digit rebounds on the offensive in all but nine games last season.
»Austin has earned 31 points, which is above any score in her university career. Momodu added 21 points, which would be the best collegiate result.

»The Eagles performed at court with Timberwolves only once before today’s exhibition, recording a 53-39 victory in the regular season, on December 30, 2018 at the George Gervin GameAbove Center.

In the next one
On Monday, November 7, the regular season for Greens and Whites will begin as both male and female teams will open their 2022-23 seasons by inviting everyone to the George Gervin GameAbove Center for the final “premiere of the season”. The women are set to face Lindenwood University with a tip at 5:00 PM, while the men face Wayne State at 7:30 PM


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