7 West Michigan Nature Reserves You Can Visit All Year Round

More recently, it has been reported that 31,000 acres of land have been preserved on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Part of the land, at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, was sold to the Michigan Nature Conservancy Conservation Group. The land is preserved for both local wildlife and all nature enthusiasts who wish to visit. You can read more here.

Of course, if you live in southern Michigan, getting to the UP summit isn’t always an easy task. But do not worry. If you are a nature lover and want to explore woodland, lakes, streams and more in protected areas, we have plenty of options in West Michigan.

Here are at least seven nature reserves you can visit whenever you want:

1. Reserve on the asylum lake

Beginning with Kalamazoo, there is the Lake Asylum Reserve. Owned by Western Michigan University, this area comprises 274 acres that are used for passive recreation. Dogs are allowed but must always be on a leash. View trail maps and learn more about Asylum Lake Reserve here.

2. Forest Park and Nature Reserve

Via / Google Maps

Via / Google Maps

Located in Battle Creek, this reserve covers 145 acres and covers five miles of trails. Throughout the park you will find seasonal wetlands and ponds, old wood, grassy areas with wild flowers (in season) and plenty of wildlife. Apparently, this area also acts as a Bluebird habitat. Read more here.

3. The Maas Family Nature Reserve

This reserve is not huge, but it is unique. According to their website, the Maas Family Nature Reserve is home to the remains of an oak and pine ecosystem that supports the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly. Located in Rockford, the trail is only half a mile long, but is a stopping point for those hiking the White Pine Trail. Find out more here.

4. DePersia South Highlands Nature Reserve

Via / Google Maps

Via / Google Maps

Located in Grand Haven, the DePersia South Highlands Nature Reserve caters to the more adventurous hikers. No traces due to possible erosion. However, those who choose to face the rugged, wooded dunes will enjoy a breathtaking view of the nearby shores of the lake. Read more here.

5. Kleinstuck Reserve

In Kalamazoo, Kleinstuck Preserve is also owned by Western Michigan University. It has 48 acres and is very diverse. Throughout the reserve, you’ll see swamps and wetlands, forests and more that are home to a variety of wildlife. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash. See more here.

6. Flower Creek Dunes Nature Reserve

Located in Montague, this reserve gives a glimpse of what the shores of Lake Michigan looked like before we humans developed the nearby land. It also protects the dune habitat along the lake shore. There is a short trail, just over a mile, with a promenade that leads to a view of the area. Find out more about parking and more here.

7. The Robinson Woods Reserve

Sitting in Chikaming Township, the Robinson Woods Preserve is an 80-acre reserve consisting of mature trees, streams, and a wide variety of wildlife. As a bonus, the Flynn Woods Reserve is across the street, according to their website. So you can check two in one day. Read more about the history of the Robinson Woods Reserve, its location, and more.

The good news is, if you don’t see a nature reserve that is conveniently close to you, they are ton which I did not include. A quick google search should reveal the one closest to you.

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