5 funniest horror villains

Not only is Michael Myers one of the most famous horror villains, he is also a lesson in creating a persistent character that is both terrifying and fun. Although he acts stupid sometimes, like in Halloween (1978) when he wears a sheet over his body like a ghost, he can also be dangerous, as in Halloween (2018) i Halloween kills.

Usually a horror villain is either downright scary or goofy and funny. Usually there is no “in between”. From a bad doll having a great time wreaking havoc to one of the most famous slasher killers, there are a few villains to make the audience laugh.


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Most of Ghostface’s killers in Scream they are fun, and this slasher villain stands out because it’s meant to be fun and not absolutely spine-chilling. Stu Macher is the best Ghostface because Matthew Lillard’s character never stops joking, even if he’s not trying to be witty.

Whether you’re calling Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and trying to sound scary, or going crazy when he gets caught, it’s a great joy to see Stu. His partner Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) is scary, especially as he poses for Sidney’s boyfriend, but Stu’s reproach that his parents are mad at him is comedy gold. Ghostface commits murder and is definitely not someone the characters want to hang out with, but he’s never just plain scary and his humor is part of his character’s development.

There are several horror movies about technology, such as Counting down, a video about a killer app that predicts when people will die. Hulu horror Grimcutty focuses on the villain of the same name, who has huge eyes, an even wider smile and scratches on his face. His physical appearance is tall and thin. When it moves, it appears to be all limbs eliminating any potential fear. It just doesn’t seem possible for him to really scare him, even though it aims to scare anyone who sees his viral meme.

While Grimcutty is meant to be scary and the parents in the film are afraid of him when he influences kids and teens to get hurt, the villain is actually quite funny. It looks silly and there is nothing really scary villains like Hannibal Lecter, Jigsaw or Pinhead.

Chucky z killer doll Child’s play the franchise will forever be one of the funniest horror villains. His favorite thing to do is to joke and laugh, and even in the second season of the SyFy series, Chucky has a constant smile on his face. Chucky really likes to scare people, and while he has a lot of dark moments, he’s so funny it’s hard not to be funny.

Season 1 of Chucky succeeded because Chucky’s essence was retained, mainly his stupidity and ability to make viewers giggle even when he is clearly dangerous and to no good. Whether you’re watching a movie series or a TV adaptation, this character is always unbalanced and wild, and has a great sense of humor. Before Chucky pulls out a knife or murders someone, it’s easy to forget that he is a stone murderer because he is talkative and loves to talk.

One of Blumhouse’s most popular horror films, Happy Death Day has a great love story in horror between Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) and Carter Davis (Israel Broussard). The comedy also has a standout, hilarious killer in the form of Babyface. This mask itself is goofy with its bright blue eyes and high cheekbones.

Babyface always looks dumb and bad and the malicious spark in their eye makes them a villain to remember. Sure, they’re definitely scary and make Tree’s life miserable as they keep killing her, but it’s easy to smile at them.

Freddy Krueger is both one of the smartest horror villains and one of the funniest. While Freddy Krueger’s creative kills are decidedly dark, especially as he targets young adults, Freddy maintains a sense of humor throughout the slasher franchise Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy is one of the most famous villains because he actually says something that usually doesn’t happen.

Like Chucky, Freddy is joking but also has a dirty mouth and likes to swear. One of Freddy Krueger’s best jokes is the saying, “Welcome to my world, bitch!” in Freddy versus Jason, which is very different from the brutal and terrifying atmosphere that other villains have. Freddy is scary, but he has the ability to be campy, which is why viewers get to know him so well in the series films.

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