10 underrated horror villains who deserve their own franchise

The horror genre loves to turn everything into a franchise. Whenever a new horror movie shows signs of profitability, eyes immediately turn to the sequel, even if the plot of the original movie did not justify it. This was especially prevalent in the 1980s, the golden age of slashers. Friday 13 and Nightmare on Elm Street were nearly a year’s franchise in that decade, tying together 13 films.

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He has seenand Paranormal activitythese are the last examples of the standalone horror blockbusters that gave birth to the juggernaut franchise. However, not every horror movie has a chance of a sequel, whether it’s due to poor box office results or a lack of desire on the part of the creators. There are standout movies featuring some of the best villains in the genre, but none existed outside of their first movies.

Spoilers follow the mentioned videos


Calvin – “Life” (2017)

Available for streaming on Tubi.

Although it comes close to being a fake Stranger, Life is still a great space horror movie. When a team of six astronauts discover a creature that turns out to be the first sign of alien life, their celebration quickly turns into horror as the creature dubbed “Calvin” becomes hostile and begins killing them.

Calvin is cruel and soulless as he apparently takes pleasure in inflicting maximum pain on astronauts, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiriyuki Sanadaand Ryan Reynolds. The movie ends with Calvin reaching Earth, paving the way for the sequel in which an alien conquers our world.

John Ryder – The Hitchhiker (1986)

Available for streaming on Hulu and HBO Max.

Rutger Hauer brings us one of the horror’s scariest villains as John Ryder et al Hitch-hiker. A mysterious tramp murders people along the American highway with no apparent intention other than to do it. Through his conversations with the hero Jim (C. Thomas Howell), it’s clear that John is a cold and calculating sociopath.

While John dies at the hands of Jim at the end of the movie, the prequels may have explored further John’s character and what fuels his urge to murder. However, this could potentially spoil his character, as the twisted mystery surrounding John Ryder makes him such a great villain.

Lola Stone – “Beloved Ones” (2009)

One of Australia’s best horror movies, Relatives takes a cake for the worst prom ever. After a polite rejection of the shy Lola Stone (Robin McLeavy) invitation to school dances, depressed teen Brent (Xavier Samuel) is abducted by a girl and her father.

Lola is a feast of chaotic energy as an enraged girl tortures her prom date, exposing him to several unsettling acts on the biggest night of their young lives. It’s a shame the pink-clad killer dies in the end, as she’s definitely one of the most memorable horror villains of the 21st century.

Harry Warden – “My Bloody Valentine” (1981)

Available for streaming on HBO Max.

Released a year later Friday 13, My bloody valentine he seemed ready to join his hockey mask-wearing brothers, becoming the staple of the slasher genre. Instead, it became a one-off affair as mining gear-wearer Harry Warden was only given one opportunity to murder teenagers on Valentine’s Day.

The remake was made in 2009 with participation Jensen Ackles, and it’s a worthy reboot that takes the original movie in surprising new directions. Despite sharing a similar ending to the original where the killer survives, ready to be killed again, the sequel never came. My bloody valentine he is just content to be one of the most popular standalone slasher movies out there.

Driver – “Nobody’s alive” (2012)

Available for streaming on Tubi.

When a family of thieves kidnaps a traveling couple, they believe it will be an easy cash grab. However, they do not expect to find the missing young woman hidden in the trunk of their car. When they release the girl, husband, Driver (Luke Evans), it turns out to be a cold and calculating serial killer.

Nobody’s alive is a funny goofy game filled with lots of gore and laughs. The movie never takes itself too seriously, and Evans clearly enjoys sending the thugs one by one. Although he has since developed his career in Hollywood Nobody’s aliverelease, it would be nice to see him return to the role.

Stitches the Clown – “Stitches” (2012)

Available for streaming on Shudder, Amazon Prime Video, and Tubi.

Before Pennywise returned and before Art the Clown appeared in frighteningthere was Stitches. A fun tribute to the ’80s slashers, Stitches follows the title clown who returns from the dead to murder the teenagers who killed him during a failed birthday joke.

Coming from Ireland, Stitches is a fantastic horror comedy in which it takes time to develop your character before the inevitable carnage occurs. Comedian Ross Noble he is great as a killer clown and the death scenes are wonderfully brought to life with several high quality visuals. Critically underappreciated.

Leslie Vernon – Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)

Leslie Vernon is a simple man with a simple desire. He wants to become a famous slasher and join the ranks of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. In a world where these horror icons are real people, Leslie follows in their footsteps, creating her own horror identity in one of the best slashers of the 21st century.

Told in a mockumentary style, Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon is shown from the perspective of a small film crew that follows Leslie as they document his plans and killings. Ironically, while Leslie’s quest for fame was well received and remains a cult classic, it never received a sequel that would cement his status.

Cropsy – “Burning” (1981)

Available for streaming on Tubi.

Another slasher to jump into the madness of the 80s summer camps, Burning sees the battered caretaker Cropsy take revenge on the children of Camp Stonewater. Armed with a pair of garden nets, a terrifyingly burned Cropsy makes its way through the plaster it contains Jason Alexander, Holly Hunterand Fisher Stevens in his film debuts.

Burning stands next to franchises such as Friday 13 and Summer camp as one of the best “camp based” slashers. Despite never having a sequel, it has always been popular since its release and is considered a cult classic.

Charlie Wilson – “Charlie’s Farm” (2014)

Available for streaming on Tubi.

Another terrifying ground-underground feast, Charlie’s farm Four friends from the city travel to the Australian outback to investigate the urban legend. When the stories get very true, the friends are chased by Charlie, a 2-meter-high killing machine.

When Charlie turns out to be unstoppable, the giant attacks tourists in many brutal ways. The movie seemed to be the first start of a horror series in a country where there aren’t many outside Wilczy Potok (and even it’s slow to post new entries) so it’s a shame the sequel never happened.

Horace Pinker – “Szoker” (1989)

Available for Peacock Streaming.

A cult classic of the beloved horror director Wes Craven, Shocker revolves around Horace Pinker, a mass murderer harassing Los Angeles. When he is finally captured, he immediately gets the electric chair. However, even death cannot stop him as Pinker returns with electric power to continue his reign of terror.

Mitch Pileggi With X the fame is amazing as a Pinker, and the big man is suitably formidable when hunting a teen (Peter Berg) who dismissed it. Starting out as a dark slasher, Shocker it becomes more and more absurd ending in a battle where our hero and villain jump through different TV shows.

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