10 ridiculous horror movies we can’t get enough of

The horror genre is filled with absurdity, from the core monsters like Frankenstein and the werewolves to the many dividing plots that have appeared in many series. While some horror stories and franchises as a whole unfold in absurdity in a conventional way, many others have had to carve a name for themselves being overdone or incomprehensible.

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Since horror fans can’t escape the absurd nature of the genre, it’s easier to reach the palette with a mix of great and not-so-good horror movies. While these absurd movies won’t win any Oscars, they still make a spot in the Halloween movie lineup.

10/10 The ice cream shop serves cold murders

Iceman follows Clint Howard, a veteran of the horror genre seen in Rob Zombie‘s Halloween, House of deathand Bad speech as the eponymous Ice Cream Man terrorizing children in the city. While Ice Cream Man is the main character, much of the storyline is driven by a childhood cast featuring a kid named Tuna who inexplicably wears a pillow in his shirt as a chubby kid.

Kills Iceman they are bloody enough to be made welcome along with the other slasher movies, but blood after a murder is a real treat for the movie. For example, when the police question an Ice Cream Parlor regarding the disappearance of a child, they give him ice cream with an eyeball.

9/10 The rubber follows the psionic tire

Opening the film with a monologue, stating that the plot “has no reason” to do so Gum he follows a sentient tire which discovers it has psionic abilities as it travels through the desert, killing everyone in its path. The film also features a group of human characters who are observed from afar, playing the role of the viewer of the film.

Gum it doesn’t make much sense in premise and action, but it’s an interesting movie starring one of the most memorable villains ever to hit the screen. This movie is absurd and disorganized in the best possible way, ensuring an enjoyable, if not confusing, viewing experience.

8/10 Jason X takes a space route

While the standard fare Friday 13 the movies themselves are absurd, especially after Zombie Jason becomes the focal point of the plot, none of them are quite as absurd as Jason X. Along with many other horror series, the space ship was imminent for an ice hockey killer, and it was an oddly perfect choice.

Embarking on a study tour in 2463, Jason and the last Rowan girl are found in a cryogenic stasis and taken aboard a spacecraft to revive and explore it. This leads to some great scenes, such as a fight between UberJason and an android, and one of the best kill scenes in the series – smashing your head with liquid nitrogen.

7/10 All Leprechaun movies are pure camp

The Leprechaun the franchise is raised by two main factors: the need to portray the camp and the continued return of star Warwick Davis. Although Davis may be better known for his roles in Willow and star Wars, Leprechaun it’s a franchise into which he put his whole heart.

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The film follows the eponymous Leprechaun played by Davis as he tries to retrieve his pot of gold in various locations, including Las Vegas, a small town in North Dakota, and even in space. With creative and inspirational kills with a mix of good and bad jokes, the franchise keeps viewers coming back for more, though most skipping Leprechaun: Beginnings.

6/10 Thanksgiving is a terrible movie, but it still watches people

Released in 2007 and realized with a budget of less than five thousand dollars, Thanksgiving has established its place in the annals of horror history as one of the best worst horror movies ever made. The film follows a talking turkey named Turkie who resurrects and goes hunting for a group of college teens.

The jokes are generally bad and the effects are ridiculous, although there are some really good killing effects scattered about. It’s inconvenient to watch but impossible to look away, especially when watching with friends.

5/10 Idle hands play with comedy and horror

While it’s more of a stoner comedy than plain horror, an absurd plot Idle hands centers around Anton Devon Sawa, and his right hand becomes possessed by a demon. In addition to the hand of the demon, the film also features zombie best friends played by Seth Green and Elden Henson, and the demon hunter played by Vivica A. Fox.

There are some great moments in the movie, and the final battle even includes a fighting hand with Anton as a puppet. The movie is definitely a product of its time, but still enjoyed by fans and newcomers.

4/10 Killer Clowns from Outer Space on the toes of Horror and Farce

Taking all the knowledge new viewers should know about the movie from its name, Killer Clowns from outer space is a 1988 B-Horror movie in which the heroes raid a small town. Clowns use various weapons against humans, turning them into live popcorn and wrapping them in cotton candy cocoons to eat later.

Unlike many other absurd horror films, Killer Clowns it moves on the borderline between comedy of horror and justified fear, especially when the Clowns are laughing and appearing in close-ups. It’s a movie that is not for the faint of heart or those who hate clowns, but enjoyable nonetheless.

3/10 Birdemic is ridiculously angry

Another poultry-focused video topped the “so bad to be good” list, Birdemic: Shock and Terror follow the environmentally friendly retailer Rod and his model Nathalie as they try to survive the bird attack. This movie was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie The birds.

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The photos, CGI, and dialogue are hilarious and the main antagonist throughout the movie is aerial photos. The series, which includes sequels released in 2013 and 2022, has been attracted by many Internet users, thanks to which it enjoys great popularity.

2/10 Stay alive turns horror into a deadly game

Strengthening one of the most meme-worthy lines in the entire movie of horror: “If you die in the game, you really die” Survive follows a group of young adults as they try to survive in a killer video game. The game is split between real world footage and game world which is entirely CGI.

This film features several famous characters such as Frankie Muniz, Samaire Armstrong, Sophia Bush and Adam Goldberg, which is why it received recognition after its premiere. The movie works as a solid watch, even if the premise and slogan are more comedic than scary.

1/10 Sharknado is mindless entertainment

The latest face of an absurd horror comedy and a specially created franchise, Sharknado follows a group of survivors who grapple with the greatest threat to mankind: a tornado full of sharks. With seven films to their franchise’s account, the creators and Syfy directed the series in all directions, including space and time, before they ended it.

Sharknado it’s a franchise that shouldn’t be taken seriously, especially when the first movie features scenes like chopping a flying shark in half with a chainsaw. It’s a mindless action horror movie that fans love, which is why it has become so popular.

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