10 reasons why this horror movie is so terrifying

The latest hit supernatural horror movies, Smile, takes social media by storm as more and more people rush to theaters to see it. The film tells the story of a therapist who, witnessing the suicide of one of her patients (waving a devilish smile), begins to have terrifying experiences and delusions.

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She finally realizes she is cursed and will die in seven days. As mentioned before, Smile causes quite a stir on social media, being called one of the scariest movies you can watch right now. There are more than a few reasons why a movie is so scary.


“Kurick Stare”

One of the most famous horror tropes is what is now known as “Kubrick Stare” which refers to the actor Stanley Kubrick. In one of his roles, he had to smile and tilt his head, creating an extremely disturbing appearance. This look and tilt has been used in several movies since then and is heavily reliant on the new one Smile.

Stanley Kubrick’s smile is psychologically disturbing in the perception of the human eye, therefore it is the basis of an apparently pleasant but unpleasant thing (smile) that is used to throw the viewer off.

Urban legend and realism

There is always something ridiculously scary and disturbing about a horror movie that is a bit different from reality. Urban Legends balances well on this line, and that’s partly why they’re just so scary.

While Smile it has quite a bit of supernatural elements, the urban legend factor that the same events that took place in the movie can be believable in a real setting is the scariest part. And while a demonic creature can cause problems in the movie, there are many similarities to the pandemic of the past few years. This kind of horror movie would certainly cause a few scares.

Chain effect

Send this picture and a message to the next one, otherwise she (insert a picture of a possessed young girl) will be under your bed tonight! Chain news is so common in the age of social media, and it is no surprise that this trend has penetrated the entertainment industry as well.

In Smilethe demon goes through each witness of a smiling suicide, and after 7 days it goes to the next one. This chain effect increases the fear factor, increasing the expectation among viewers of when the next person will arrive and who will die next.

The jump is terrifying

As in any modern horror movie, jump scares show up in the 115 minutes of the movie. There are also a lot of killing scenes which is just as scary.

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The main antagonist of the film, a parasitic demon that sticks to anyone for 7 days (making them kill each other while smiling) is on the loose and eventually appears in the film in his own jumpscare. A dangerous creature attacks Rose at the end of the movie in its own amazing way.


One thing that Smile is doing exceptionally well compared to other horror movies, it builds up suspense. Throughout the film, viewers are on the edge of their seats to understand what this mysterious demonic being looks like and understand its destiny. Only at the end do they find out what this creature is doing with its hosts.

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Additionally, the fact that Rose is a psychiatrist also creates a kind of mental tension for the audience. And, as mentioned earlier, the idea of ​​something so pleasant (such as a smile) means something so deadly that it surprises the human instinct and triggers a fight or flight response.


Smile it also had a very interesting aesthetic, unlike many horror films that have come out in the last few years. While many horror, paranormal or supernatural phenomena have darker and empty aesthetics, Smile it has a very gloomy and bland aesthetic. The movie doesn’t rely on a lot of hardcore lighting elements to create a creepy look, just on the actors and the scripts themselves.

This sombre aesthetic makes the film even more credible to viewers and creates a shocking presence when there is a conflict with such a purgatory point of view of the protagonist. The color, lighting and set design also force viewers to focus on the characters and activities in the film rather than anything in the background, drawing them into even more screams.


Movie scores are always a great way to understand the concept of a movie before watching it. Is it fantastically spooky music Danny Elfman or chilling and heart-pounding music John Carpenterscary movies require an audio track so viewers can understand what’s really going on.

Down Smilesoundtrack was composed by Cristobal Tapia de Veer (who is also known for composing music for HBO White lotus). Smilethe score can be described as really uncomfortable to listen to. There is distortion, heavy bass, clashing sounds of violins and other electronic instruments, and baroque terrace dynamics. No one can listen to the soundtrack without instinctively trembling the body, thus altering the state of mind and causing psychological tension.

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