10 horror series that should end with part one

When it comes to horror movies, you’ll find many more sequels and franchises than standalone ones – but that doesn’t always mean they should exist. Iconic classics such as Results I’ve always worked as horror films that flawlessly pack all the story, characters, and kills into one simple two-hour movie.

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But sometimes the movies just don’t get a note and end up turning into an out-of-control series of multiple movies that end up losing everything that was special in the first.



Ghostbusters It was always a must-see movie on Halloween, but you rarely see people watching the 1989 sequel Ghostbusters II, not to mention all the remakes and continuations of this classic over the years.

As fun as it was, 2016 Ghostbusters was an unnecessary rework while Ghostbusters: The Afterlifereceived an even lower approval rating on Rotten tomatoes, despite the two original Ghostbusters starring, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.


Maybe it’s just 1980s special effects, but Exorcist It remains a scary movie to this day as it plays a possessed teenager who participates in horrific acts such as hovering over the bed, crawling backwards up stairs, and turning her head 360 degrees.

Exorcist remains such a classic since 1973 that it might be a bitter-sweet surprise for those who have enjoyed the film that this series consists of four consecutive films, each receiving mixed reviews that never surpassed the original.


Granted, Halloween town he may not be a slasher full of guts and blood, but this Disney Channel Original Movie definitely had its scary moments. And while the 1998 DCOM would remain a classic forever, it certainly didn’t need three more films.

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Sure, Halloweentown II: The Revenge of Calabar was a good continuation and Halloween town Was a lovely take on Aggie’s grandma who continues teaching Marnie in high school but it is Return to Halloweentown where things did not match when they were replaced? Kimberly J. Brown With Sarah Paxton as a movie star.

‘I know what you did last summer’

I know what you did last summer followed a group of teenagers who believe they have accidentally killed a fisherman and then are persecuted by him and his thirst for revenge. A good, thrilling horror movie with an unforgettable cast, this movie didn’t have to be continued.

Despite the Cliffhanger ending, which was that fan-favorite last girl Julie received another infamous note in a mirror fog and the killer smashed through the glass, I still know what you did last summer he just added an unnecessary story to the movie which ended perfectly.


Poltergeist is a supernatural horror movie from 1982, about a family visited by ghosts and making every viewer shiver when Carol Ann sat down in front of a stationary TV and announced: “They are here …”.

In cases like Paranormal activity and Presence, some ghost movies do well with more than one movie. But Poltergeist remains such a cult classic, most people don’t even know that a sequel titled Poltergeist II: The Other Side, not to mention it liked it.

“Animal Seminar”

Animal pest he came out in 1989 and told the story of his father’s grief that prompted him to dig up his son’s body, bury him again in a cursed cemetery that brought the dead cat back to life, and then watch his toddler come to life and not be like him before.

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The scary movie could easily remain the only film adaptation Stephen King A 1983 horror novel but a lesser-known sequel appeared in 1992, followed by a similar story with new characters, a dead dog buried and possessed, and then a distraught son trying to bring his deceased mother back to life.

‘Child’s play’

Sure, any movie after 1988 Child’s play She continued Chucky’s tale of chaos and murder and gave fans beloved characters like Tiffany and Glen, but they were all also quite unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

Child’s play He could easily be a loner and still held Chucky as a fan favorite killer. Every movie in the series has gotten much bloodier, and the 2019 remake was a failed attempt at the pure horror of Chucky he had awakened in the original movie.


Psycho is a black and white cult classic that tells the terrifying story of Norman Bates’ complicated relationship with his mother that led him to murder a young woman during the famous shower scene.

Psycho had everything he needed to be the perfect scary standalone horror movie that remained until 1983. What this movie didn’t need, however, were three sequels from the 1980s, a prequel from the 1990s, and a remake from 1998.


Original 1978 Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis was a successful horror film that set high standards for future slashers. But no one expected this series to turn into a series of eight movies, two remakes, and a reboot trilogy.

Halloween II was a sequel that, while not as exciting as the first, still kept the chilling presence of Michael Myers in his veins as he continued his reign of terror on Halloween night. But Halloween III: Season of the Witch didn’t even include a villain and every movie after that lacked the magic of the first, they all ended in 2022 with a lackluster shine End of Halloween.

‘Trick or treat’

trick or treat is a 2007 horror film that follows a few Halloween stories that eventually make them come back to their star Sam. While it’s not the biggest movie in the genre filled with beloved slashers and classic monsters, this movie has continued to be successful on its own for over a decade thanks to everyone’s love for Sam.

But a sequel was announced in 2022, and only time will tell if this new movie will shoot its predecessor to a resurgence of success or make fans wish it will remain the single Halloween classic it has become.

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