10 acclaimed videos that were actually disappointing, according to Reddit

Amsterdamstarring Christian Bale, Taylor Swift and Robert DeNiro, premiered on October 7, complementing the exciting film program for fall 2022. Movies like this one with established celebrities and famous directors like David O’Russell (Silver lining guide) have great expectations from their fans who have followed their careers and critical releases.

Redditors discussed how some acclaimed films sometimes miss viewers, even when considered classics, received good critical appraisal, and include famous directors and franchises.


Avatar (2009)

The smash hit and most profitable movie of all time Avatar, the creative genius of James Cameron, wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. According to snark_enterprises: “A movie may be overrated for one viewer and not another. So I don’t think Avatar is overrated overall, I think I just overrated it. “

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Redditors talked about how their expectations or life experiences changed the way they viewed this fantasy classic. A particularly poignant remark was made by HoneyedLining, who attributed its popularity to the generational divide: “I watched it with my parents and my partner at that time. My parents absolutely loved him and we both hated him (especially since he was so long) Perhaps as a parent it seems different when you actually saw your child grow up.

Dune (2021)

Denis Villeneuve’s latest Hollywood hit, Dune, was another video reported on Reddit as disappointing. According to Redditor, meneroth: “It’s very empty.” If this thread is about personal impressions and feelings, that’s what I felt during and after Dune. Visually great and fun to update the imagination, but maybe apart from Duncan Idaho… the characters seemed paper thin to me. ”

Fans who read the book did not seem to be impressed with the movie, even though it seemed faithful to the story, pointing out just how subjective the views of the silver screen can be. It was hard for Redditors to pinpoint why the movie didn’t inspire or motivate them, and the possible reasons were the harshness of the shots and the length of the video.

The Dark Knight (2008)

Excessive hype on a video can lead to disappointment of viewers, according to several Redditors they have talked about dark Knight, the last Hollywood movie of the late Heath Ledger. As christopia86 noted: “There seems to be so much praise for how good Heath Ledger is as the Joker, as well as the amazing stunts and some very cool scenes … The rest of the movie feels a bit memorable.”

When dark Knight was released, audiences and Hollywood were still grappling with the tragedy of Ledger’s untimely death, which drew a lot of attention to the movie. Most redditors agreed that Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was superb, but felt there was a lack of dialogue and the Gotham depiction.

Licorice Pizza (2021)

The hit of adolescence from 2021, Pizza with Licorice, it also inspired a less than enthusiastic response from Redditors. Following teenage love, show business, and attempting to do it in the 1970s in San Fernando, California, BddyGrease harshly described it as “Just a steaming pile of hot garbage.”

Another Redditor, Admirable_Fig_6993, commented, “Why is everyone always running in this movie?” Artistic, capricious character Pizza with Licoricewho received rave reviews from critics and even a SAG nomination for Bradley Cooper as Barbra Streisand’s husband, seemed lost to the Redditors who thought it was an overly praised film.

Gravity (2013)

Sometimes good grades and big budgets don’t make a movie popular. Despite the star power of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, Redditors have complained that Seriousness was the worst movie they had seen and they couldn’t wait to end. Oscar winner Bullock was described by DoneDidThisGirl saying, “Those groans of Sandra Bullock’s suffering were like nails on the blackboard.”

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Interestingly, another Redditor admitted he didn’t initially watch the movie due to over-promotion, but actually enjoyed Sandra Bullock’s performance and the physical assumptions of the movie. This observation confirms how much expectation and perception play a role in how fans like movies.

Interstellar (2014)

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi romance from 2014, Interstellar, sparked different views on Reddit, with some disappointed and others pleasantly surprised. Redditor puffybunion said: “I’ve been waiting for Interstellar for about two years. I’m still bitter. I think he tried to appeal to too many people and the movie was barely reaching its full potential. Other redditors felt the movie was too complex and the love theme was lame, while Redditor Jo__Backson felt disappointed at first but admitted that the movie grew up on them.

Some Redditors, eager to see Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster, were disappointed, while others were willing to accept his flaws. According to DrossChat, “Interstellar for me is one of those flawed films that more than make up for in spectacular moments. The result is amazing, and there are some sequences in the movie that are just perfect. “

All All At Once (2022)

A critically acclaimed film from 2022, Everything everywhere and at oncealso discussed as substandard. Redditors praised his visual creativity, but felt his “absurd” attempt had failed in terms of writing and overall tone.

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The film, which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival, caught the attention of global critics with its new approach to science fiction comedy, but the Redditors concluded it turned out to be dramatic. FreeLook93 said, “I enjoyed the movie a lot, but felt that the way the main conflict was resolved undermined the emotional core of the movie. Everything everywhere and at once he had a very beautiful body, dressed in the best clothes, leaning on a hollow and rotting skeleton. “

Blade Hunter (1982)

A 1982 Ridley Scott classic with a young Harrison Ford, Blade Hunter, it was also found not to live up to its famous reputation. As for tragicjohnson84: “I watched Blade Runner years ago after hearing about it my whole life. I can definitely appreciate a lot of things about the movie, especially the scenery and the look of the movie, but overall I couldn’t get into the movie as much as I did. “

A classic that holds a special place in movie history and popular culture could grow into fans as Redditor tcor15 noted that they were initially disappointed Blade Hunter but now they “share the perspective of the masterpiece with others, which is the complete opposite of my first impressions.”

Dizziness (1958)

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 cult horror film also made it to the Redditor’s disappointment list. According to Nevereatpears, he described the film as “just an awkward romantic film with a shocking age difference between the lead actors and the actress … I’m amazed it is rated so highly.”

Dizziness is a fine example of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock movie that has to live up to its reputation and does not connect with the Redditors representing the younger generation.

Actually Love (2003)

Redditors debated whether Actually love, starring Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson, qualified as an acclaimed film, but felt it held a special place in popular culture as a favorite of romcoms on television networks. Reddit users described the movie as boring with a poor storyline and incompatible with other legendary roms such as Four weddings and a funeral and Bridget Jones series.

The comments showed that the Redditors felt the film lacked the necessary ingredients for a successful romantic comedy and were therefore disappointed. McSmackthe1st said, “It’s not that romantic or that fun. One guy is cheating on his wife, a girl tries to go on dates, but has to look after her brother who takes care of her all the time, and some kids die. romantic”. Other editors praised him for his storylines and acting, illustrating how subjective it is to watch a movie for silver screen fans.

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