Paid Advertisement How To Help Relieve Pain & Numbness From Neuropathy… Without Drugs or Surgery Discover How Our Medicare-Approved “Sanexas Therapy” Works! Sanexas Therapy is working tor Midlothian area residents who have been suffering with the pain, burning, numbness and tingling of peripheral neuropathy. These residents are having this care at Life Over Pain Neuropathy Treatment Center in Midlothian. These pain sufferers were desperate for relief and had no idea it was obtainable without drugs or surgery. Now there is an option that has helped numerous patients find relief. It’s called Sanexas Therapy and it’s a revolutionary new program that works to restore patient’s lives by reducing pain and getting to the cause of the problem AND it’s covered by Medicare and most Major Insurances! How It All Started Dr. Shawn Tyson has been helping patients get out of pain for over 20 years but in the last 12 months he has discovered the new and advanced, Sanexas Therapy. Sanexas utilizes what is called “cellsignaling technology” and while it’s a complicated process, essentially it does 3 things: • Increases blood flow to the affected area, bringing oxygen and nutrients for healing... • Stumulates and increases small fiber nerves which are causing your symptoms... • Decreases brain-based pain... This has created the most logical, safe, pain-free and effective treatments for patients with Peripheral Neuropathy - and all overseen by our experienced and caring Nurse Practitioner Tammy Mills, FNP-C. Advertisement You see, the average neuropathy patient starts out by taking drugs - gabapentin or something similar - and these drugs mask the pain. They essentially block the signal from the feet/hands to the brain (they don’t heal anything). Then the drugs lose effectiveness, the symptoms get worse and pretty soon they’ve maxed out their dose. At this point their MD has no other options to give.Here’s what Just one recent petient had to say: tried everything else... with little or no result. Many had lost all hope. “The team was very attentive to me, and operates the practice efficiently. Everyone showed genuine concern for my health and comfort!” -RaymondM. Here’s what you will receive (limited to first 15 callers): Real-life patient on the Pain-Free Sanexas!! Symptoms Sanexas Therapy has Successfully Treated: • Pain • Numbness • Tingling • Burning • Balance Issues • Trouble Sleeping • Electrical Shocks • Falls • “Balled up socks” feeling A very important note, Sanexas has been successful with even the most severe cases... even when the drugs have stopped working. Even when their MD has said he has no answers left. Even when NOTHING else has worked. Sanexas Therapy has provided what many consider nothing short of miracles for neuropathy sufferers who had Medicare and Medicaid rules apply. Special Offer If you would like to learn if Sanexas Therapy will be the answer to your neuropathy pain, numbness or burning just call 804-658-3483 within the next 8 days to schedule your: *Neuropathy Severity Screening* ¥ Health History Consultation ¥ Neuropathy Severity Testing ¥ Report of Recommendations HereÕs what to do now: Call 804-658-3483 Today and tell our receptionist that you’d like to reserve your Neuropathy Severity Screening. If you call in the next 8 days there should still be room but due to the expected demand and limited capacity, it is suggested to call at once. Any delay could lead to missing your opportunity! Dr. Shawn Tyson from Life Over Pain Neuropathy Treatment Center “Great news for patients: Because Sanexas is covered by Medicare and most major insurances - if you’re accepted as a patient your treatment could be little to no cost to you!”